Seth MacFarlane Kills Brian the Dog on Family Guy. Asshole!

familyguy“The purpose of a comedy cartoon is not to make people cry by killing the dog. Only a fucking Irish asshole can be so stupid. It’s always the Irish who ruin everything. They claim to be Catholic but they’re the first ones to say that a priest molested them 50 years ago when they all soaked with booze. The Irish are the ruination of everything and they are notorious dog killers. They should stick to being cops and firemen. That’s where they belong.” [Pope Francis I, Vatican City, Italy]

Family Guy, the famous American cartoon show that has been on for a thousand years, has done the unthinkable. They killed off Brian the dog. They not only killed Brian, they made him get hit by a car and die in agony.

If you don’t know anything about Family Guy, the character of Brian the dog is important to the storyline. He’s the voice of reason in a household of strange people — or what series creator Seth MacFarlane thinks is weird.

There is an old saying in Hollywood screenwriting — “If you want your audience to know a character is a bad guy, have him kill somebody. If you want your audience to hate a character, have him kill the dog.”

This is essentially what Seth MacFarland has done — he has killed the dog and now people hate him. The Jews in Hollywood already hated MacFarlane before all of this because he has made some anti-Semitic jokes at awards dinners. Now he is not only an unfunny dog-killing-anti-Semite-joke-making-toupee-wearing-asshole. He is also an animal abuser — even though the dog is fake.

What’s even more annoying about killing off Brian the dog is that he has been replaced with some kind of Soprano-esque unfunny dog.

Okay — so it’s just a cartoon — what’s the big deal?

The big deal is that Seth MacFarlane is an asshole and he thinks that it’s cool to shock people. He’s one notch above losers like Johnny Knoxville and that bunch. The only thing that separates Seth MacFarlane from the outrageously very-not-funny Ricky Gervais, is that Seth has a less womanly face and figure. Not a whole lot less womanly, but a bit less than Gervais.

Here’s the thing. If you think your show might be getting a little stale, get better writers than Steve Callaghan. He seems to be the one who pushed this storyline and he  talks about it like a frigging juvenile.  “Yeah, we all threw around the idea and it got like wild and we were like, why not, so then we like the guy from the Sopranos so we figured he wouldn’t take Stewie’s shit….”  Shut up, you fucking imbecile.

“Why is it always some Irish asshole that ruins everything,” said a source close to Family Guy.

“The Irish fuck up everything. This is why the Jews make all the good stuff in Hollywood. Irish people are morons and they have no taste. They don’t even keep their houses clean, how would you expect them to keep a show tidy.

Only an Irish prick would kill off a dog character. That’s why the Irish were good at being cops when they came to the USA after they ran out of potatoes. They’re fucking morons. They like to make fun of the Polish and the Italians but statistically, Poles and Italians are way smarter than the Irish. The Irish are stupid and dirty and most of America’s white trash are Irish who are jealous of other ethnicities. So now they bring in a Guido kind of dog named Vinny and think they can make that funny. Once a Mick always a Mick — that’s what I say.”

According to every psychiatrist we spoke to here at, The easiest thing to do to get a violent reaction from people is to kill the dog. MacFarlane could have killed off a million Ethiopian kids and it would have gotten a laugh — but you don’t kill the dog.

Brian was beloved by the fans, and if you want to get down to basic psychology, a cartoon dog is every bit as real to the viewers as a real dog. The personality is imparted by the writers, and if anything, the viewers have more empathy for the dog than for human characters.

Seth MacFarlane and your butt munch Irish jag off “writer” Steve Callaghan are both assholes of the highest order because you’re a coward. You know you can easily bring Brian back because he is just a drawing. But that’s not the point. It’s the way you did it. Even if you bring him back, the viewers will still think of him getting hit by the car and dying. Do you realize how fucking demented that it is? Do you see how manipulative and scummy you are? Maybe your new toupee is digging into your brain or something.  You are now less funny and more annoying than that other shanty Irish prick who thinks he’s a fireman — Dennis Leary.

5 thoughts on “Seth MacFarlane Kills Brian the Dog on Family Guy. Asshole!

  1. Well…..MacFarlane sounds more Scottish to me. But he made the Family Guy family Irish and Catholic, so….maybe….Or maybe he’s half. (But, again, I agree on the idiocy).

  2. You fucking American cunts. You racist fucking counts. All you fucking do is shot people. You are the most retarded people ever. You haven’t a clue what you are on about. You fucking counts. You obese fat ugly cunts

  3. I completely agree with the cynicism and callousness of Seth MacFarlane towards his audience, in thinking it’s ok to jerk his audience around.
    But he’s even worse than that.

    After he brought the character of Brian back, he actually said “the point of this episode is to show that you can lose what you love in an instant, so appreciate it while it’s here. Thus endeth our warm and fuzzy lesson of the day”. I’m serious. He actually said that.

    No, the purpose of the episode was to jerk the audience around, to MacFarlane’s amusement. I don’t think he expected the backlash he got.

    He also is cruel and sadistic to women whenever he gets the chance.
    Female characters are either supermodels who are giggling airheads with no brains, or slightly chubby and thus worthy of endless sadistic abuse by everyone around them. That’s it.

    I don’t know what happened to Seth MacFarlane in high school with girls, but it must have been pretty bad, as his entire career has been one long revenge against women….

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