Megyn Kelly’s Ratings Beat Maddow Big Time — and she’s gorgeous.

megy2According to gossip in the world of TV news, the fact that Megyn Kelly’s newest Prime Time slot on Fox News has destroyed MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow in the ratings is causing great psychological damage to  MSNBC hostess who is rumored be in the middle of a mental breakdown — and if she isn’t, her boss certainly is.

Phil Griffin — the sore-loser-president of MSNBC — is so angry about Rachel Maddow getting trounced in the ratings by Megyn Kelly‘s new Prime Time slot that he is crying foul and asking the FCC to see if the numbers are not indeed fraudulent.

In other words, Megyn Kelly beat Rachel Maddow so badly in the ratings that MSNBC believes that FOX NEWS must be cheating. 

Can you believe the stupidity of this Phil Griffin?  That’s why I dedicate just about everything I write on here to the unbearable amount of human dumbness inherent to just about everything happening the earth right now.  MSNBC is nearing the summit of dumbness, and when they plant their flag I’ll let you know.  They have already reached the summit of Desperation Peak, but this time they’ve gone into the stratosphere.

Last weeks ratings show that Megyn Kelly’s new show on FOX beat Maddow — but not on Kelly’s opening night.   On the first night of Megyn Kelly’s new show, Maddow won, but then on the second night, Megyn Kelly walked over Maddow in the key demographics — by a HUGE margin. Literally overnight, Maddow went from first to worst. 

OMG!  How could this be possible?  Well, on the website where they pretty much tell the truth about everything, one commenter who called himself “Rasputin” said this:  “Would you rather watch a hot leggy blonde or an androgynous mass of mental complexes that whines because there’s not enough tyranny to satisfy the LGBT liberal sadism/masochism fetish demographic? Hot leggy blonde it is.”

Anyway, Megyn Kelly is beating Maddow so soundly that the snide and side-mouth talking Elvis Costello look-alike has taken to her bed and is refusing food or water.  No — I  made that up, but I bet she’s looking into the mirror wondering if perhaps guys and even gay gals would rather look at the hot blond than the manly “intellectual” who looks like the girl at the animal control office who euthanizes cats and then goes bowling on Tuesday nights.

One Damien Zone reader writes: “It hurts to lose in a sporting event  — and cable news is indeed a sporting event — but for a person like Rachel Maddow, it hurts even more to lose to a normal girl – or at least a girl who appears to be normal to normal people.  Megyn  Kelly is not only smart and sharp, she’s gorgeous.  Who wants to watch  that hatchet face Maddow?  It’s psychology 101.”

It’s pretty much true that MSNBC has tried really hard to punch up Rachel Maddow’s credentials to try to get around her looks which are at best on the young Kaye Ballard side.  MSNBC tries to pass Maddow off as an intellectual, but she’s really no smarter than the guys who write for her.  Her delivery, however, is very hipster-friendly and she is very popular with the misfit crowd.  Good for her, but the problem is that Megyn Kelly is off-the-cuff smart — not just teleprompter smart.  Kelly is an esteemed lawyer and was the associate editor of Albany Law Review and she’s had a brilliant career.

In plain English, Megyn Kelly is as smart or smarter than Rachel Maddow and she has more ad lib knowledge and know-how than Maddow who is really just a trained TV liberal chimp.  She’s a trained seal and she has the whole lesbian watermark down, but that doesn’t sell the product.  She is not likeable. Megyn Kelly is very likeable for a whole lot of reasons aside from the fact that she is very beautiful.

Note to MSNBC:  Beauty and brains sells.  Manly women do not sell.  That’s as old as the hills.  So stop worrying that FOX NEWS is rigging the ratings because they aren’t.   What really happened in the younger age market is that a lot of guys switched the channel and got the story from a smart woman who also happens to be gorgeous.   End of story.

Here is a link to another Damien Zone story which explains why Rachel Maddow talks out of one side of her mouth as though she’s had a stroke.

7 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly’s Ratings Beat Maddow Big Time — and she’s gorgeous.

  1. A monkey at the zoo could figure out that Megyn Kelly was going to beat Rachel Maddow in the ratings wars. Admit-tingly, it was a little surprising that Kelly did not win her time slot on her debut night but that quickly changed starting on, hmmmm, let me think, ohh yeah, DAY 2. MSNBC is only on the air because of the way the cable television revenue sharing agreement, is designed. If they had to operate just on Ad Revenue they would have been off the air 5-7 years ago and also CNN for that matter. When you get your ass kicked by the O’Reilly Factor re-run at 11:00 pm, by almost a 3-1 margin, that just sad, lol. To be fair the way that cable television is designed is a benefit to the viewer because if cable channels had to operate as I eluded to above then we would not have about half the cable channels we all know and love.

  2. Dear J.S

    We here at TheDamienZone like to think that Rachel Maddow is getting hammered because she has a huge black mole on her neck and it drives people insane.

    Eunice Pepoon – staff writer Damien Direct Mail or

  3. If the only reason you watch a show is because you think the person is “hot” then I can see why you would want to watch Megyn Kelly but if being informed is you goal then Rachel Maddow is the choice.

  4. No cable news network is there to inform you, it’s there to “entertain you”. I wouldn’t waste a minute watching Fox, CNN or MSNBC. It’s all pure dreck. The only news source that stays on track is the PBS News Hour.

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