Snowden’s Information About Disastrous Solar Flares and Solar Cooling

“Waning tides of solar fusion that were predicted over a quarter of a century ago, are approaching with frightening and dead-on accuracy.  The slow down or slack-tide period is happening right on schedule and the world as we know it will be a cold and frozen wasteland by the year 2100 and it will stay that way for nearly 40 years — barely inhabitable.  Snowden has this information and it will cause so much social mayhem that he will probably be targeted to be killed as will anyone associated with him.”  [Lilya Petrastatter, PhD Iceland APJ]

The Guardian – the UK newspaper that is doling out bits and pieces of Edward Snowden’s stolen CIA secrets — has recently announced that the USA’s interests would best be served if,  for the time being, the hunt to bring Snowden back the USA were to be toned down a bit.

According to The Guardian, Snowden has some very sensitive information he has hidden throughout the world that could not only bring down the USA, it could cause societal mayhem.

So far The Obama Administration doesn’t seem to be flinching and pressure is being put not only on the Latin American countries who are willing to grant asylum to Snowden, but now Russia is about to get the cold shoulder from the US President if he discovers that the man the US Justice Department is now calling a “traitor” has found a temporary sanctuary with Putin et al.

“It would be an insane notion to believe that Putin would tolerate Snowden for more than a a few days simply because the depth and scope of what The Guardian might be alluding to as ‘highly sensitive’ are things — terrible and horrible things — about which the Russians, Chinese, Japanese and almost all of the European nation(s) already know,” said former Icelandic Intelligence envoy, Lilya Petrastatter.

“Snowden has documents proving that solar activity has been closely monitored by at least ten international astronomy programs for twenty-two years, and the fact that the sun will quite likely go cold within the next ninety-seven years, and the documentation proving this horrifying fact lies in Snowden’s hands. The hope is that nobody will believe a word he says, but in the meantime, if the truth about the recent solar activity reaches anything close to a fever pitch — so to speak — the world’s economy will collapse. But who will care? Who should care? If the sun goes cold for the predicted 20-30 year period that is now being predicted, life on earth will be so dramatically damaged that the only human problem per se will be survivability.  There will only be very basic human problems –hunger, disease, death — about which to speak.”

According to Petrastatter, who has pretty much been in the woodwork for the past fifty odd years and had previously been dismissed as a crackpot in the 1970s when she put forth her information about global warming and climate change, the sun, by the end of this century will cool down some 40% . This cooling will last for as long as 40 years and the results for life on earth with be disastrous.

“People like Al Gore are being put before the public as puppets to distract the mainstream climatologists and astronomers from the true facts that the sun — not the earth — is getting hotter, and it’s getting hotter because it will get very much colder before the end of the century. Current solar flares and the so-called  ‘fusion tides’ are actually beginning to happen right now as was predicted in 1987 and again in 1993 by astronomers in Australia, Russia and the USA.”

Petrastatter believes that the world as we know it will come to a near end dark age by the year 2102 at the latest, and that this is a fact known by governments throughout the world. This information — page by page — is in the hands of Edward Snowden and people who are protecting him. Petrastatter also believes that Barack Obama’s speech on global climate change was coded in such a way so as to let the rest of the world know exactly what was at stake as far as the Snowden controversy was concerned. Obama gave that speech in spite of the fact that he was heavily criticized by the opposition for talking about weather when there were so many other, more pressing. issues on the American table.

“Who will go to school or save money or invest for the future if the truth comes out that there is no future for nearly 90% of the world’s population? Naturally the people today who are old enough to understand this situation and are diabolical enough not to care as long as the next 50 years of their lives are spent with millions of dollars that was given to silence them, but it’s a Catch 22 situation. If the secrets about solar cooling reach the inner sanctums of industry, what will these spies and their cohorts have on which to spend their ill-gotten loot? There will be a gradual decay of supply until the average person is living like a future primitive being. Some people are being prepared in advance and preservation of some of the world’s most treasured art and architecture are planned for protection from air temperatures that will globally max out at +9 degrees Fahrenheit. When the sun reboots itself — which is a good way to describe what will happen — the change will be sudden. In a matter of one day or even one moment– 8-minutes to be exact — 30 years of ice and tundra will warm and melt rapidly. There will be no gradual warm up, and in essence the re-warming of the earth will be the true catastrophe.”

If Petrastatter is telling the truth, what does Snowden have to gain by causing great calamity were he to reveal this great secret to the world?

According to several other experts, Snowden probably has in his possession the blueprints for a survival contingency plan, and part of that plan will split the world in to those who will be deliberately saved and those who will have to fight it out on their own. According to one climatologist, the average human who will be left to the forces of nature will have less than a 2% chance of surviving.

According to Petrastatter, the final truth will be revealed in about 2075 which will give many people a chance to prepare, but sociologists have already determined that there will be chaos and calamity throughout the world. The trouble with Snowden is that if he reveals this now, the calamity will begin tomorrow and that’s not going to help anyone who is working to try to find solutions that might save the everyone.

“There is a thin line between human civility and mass chaos and this is the thing that will push mankind from his thin veneer of civility. Snowden knows that he will not live to see the solar cooling but he knows that he can cause mayhem for the entire world. His stupidity is that he thinks that he is hurting the USA when in fact he is hurting the whole world. He is shooting the messenger.

“If you believe in conspiracies, this is the grandfather of them all.  This is the masterpiece of truth that will have to hide out as a conspiracy theory for six decades.”

“I predict that people like Snowden and Assange and their cohorts will begin to be hunted down and killed by various world intelligence organizations and the entire concept of the solar cooling will be dismissed as a fantasy until the time comes when people will have to be told — the time when they will have advanced technologically 60+ years and perhaps there will be no calamity. The stumbling block right now is the blatant ignorance of the South American countries. How they can be so ill-equipped and so uninformed is mind boggling? It’s hard to believe that an entire continent can be filled with such uninformed and unknowing people.”

According to solar seismologists and astronomers, the path of hydrogen-fusion-tides that were predicted over a quarter of a century ago are happening now as they were scheduled almost to the minute. There is no doubt that something is going to happen. It will not happen in our lifetime but it will happen in the lifetime of our children and grandchildren.

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