Toddlers and Tiaras is child abuse.

I’m sorry but I cannot understand any woman who would enter her toddler in a beauty pageant. Actually, no I’m not sorry. You should be locked up if you’re bleaching your kid’s hair, spray-tanning her, shoving a set of dentures in her mouth and painting her to look like a hooker.

What is wrong with you?

I just read this article in TV Guide, written by Rich Juzwiak, about how the mother of Toddler’s & Tiara’s star Eden Wood thinks people just don’t get it. Because her daughter, Eden, totally loves pageants. Here’s what Mickie Wood told TV Guide:

I respect people’s opinions, but does that mean I’m going to change if I know this is something my child enjoys and loves? I don’t care. It’s irrelevant to me. We are strong in who we are, but as long as Eden is happy, I don’t care. Educate yourself about something before you run your mouth on something you may have not even ever been to. Now, if she decided tomorrow that she wanted to do gymnastics or be a rodeo girl, I want to give her every opportunity to experience what life has within the boundaries of being a good parent. We’re not weirdos, we’re not freaks, so I don’t care what people say.

Your daughter doesn’t love it, Mickie. She’s miserable but doesn’t know any better. But Mickie claims that torturing Eden with hair pieces and eyebrow waxing and sexing her up is her job as a good parent. “Why would it benefit to traumatize my child? On the other side of that coin, every parent’s job is to see what their child excels at. It’s our job to pick up on those subtle nuances that they hint to us at an early age. It just happens to be that this is what Eden is all about.”

Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Eden gave you the cues at one year old that she wanted to be in pageants? This is a step above child porn. Have you watched these poor little girls shake it on stage as they imitate their creepy moms in the audience?

But it doesn’t look like Eden will catch a break any time soon. As mom tells it, she’s focusing on the big time now. “Eden is in a different place now and she wants to be a performer, an entertainer. We’ve really slowed down and are focusing on what she wants to do, which is to be onstage. It doesn’t have to be in a pageant. We finished the last three songs on her album and we’re getting ready to go on tour “.

On tour? SHE’S SIX!

As Strollerderby has previously reported, experts are worried about the effect not just beauty pageants, but actually filming the show will have on these poor little girls.  Dr. Nancy Irwin, a Los Angeles-based psychotherapist, told Fox News that these parents are “selfish…spoiling their children, and training them that their value is based on their beauty.”

Some experts worry about the long-term psychological effects of being on the show. Others say  that children aren’t old enough to understand what it means to consent to participate in pageants and be filmed for TV.

Did you really need an expert to tell you that?

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