alg“Former Us Vice President Al Gore is sufferring from a form of pathological lying mental illness.  He has essentially snapped into a delusional state from which he may never emerge.  It started with his global warming theory – and it is only a theory – and now he has attached that global warming madness to his recent betrayal of everything he allegedly stands for by selling his CURRENT TV to an Arabic network that supports terrorism, celebrates violence against children, and is funded by a country that is paying him $100,000,000 with money earned from selling crude oil and other fossil fuels.  He is truly a sick man.” [Dr. Afumas StatterVan MD PhD. Head of the Finnish Clinic for Emotionally Healing Hands in Helsinki, Finland]

We all know that Al Gore is a very polarizing figure both in his native USA and abroad, but now it seems that the pressures and failures and hypocrisy he has handed out for decades has finally taking its toll on this broken and paunchy man.

Don’t get me wrong, he was always a nutcase, but his more recent antics show that maybe Dr. StatterVan is right.  Maybe he is indeed mentally sick.

Well, think about it.  Think about the stresses he has had to endure since 2000.  I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t crack up.  But then you have to think — does his mental illness actually make him say and do stupid things and he hasn’t cracked up any more than he was already cracked up?  All you had to see was that tactless and gross French kiss he gave his wife on stage way back at some convention to know that neither one of those two idiots — Al and Tipper — is playing with a full deck.

Gore lost the Presidential election to George W. Bush in a contest that some people today still believe was not a true or fair result, but then when all the experts counted and recounted and counted some more, it was apparent that not only had Al Gore lost the election, he had lost by far more votes than was originally thought.  He was no longer able to hold onto the left wing cheering squad who saw him as a man betrayed.  Once the left got into hating Bush so much, they left poor Al Gore adrift on a log in the middle of the Mississippi River.  What could he do?

Well, he went out and created a stir with his purely theoretical book, “An Inconvenient Truth” — he even won a Nobel Peace Prize ( a prize that is essentially worthless now) when in fact his book was not the “truth.”  It was just a theory.  His book sold a lot of copies — most of the buyers being simple-minded and easily led morons and hypocrites.  They didn’t buy his book because they believe in GLOBAL WARMING, they bought it to spite George W. Bush.  Even an over-heated polar bear could see that.

Later, in an attempt to endear himself to this believers and to the unbearably uneducated and stupid people in Hollywood, he climbed into a hot tub on “Saturday Night Live” with the equally moronic, voice-mail-to-his-daughter psychopath, Alec Baldwin.  Naturally he thought this would make him appear to me a fair-minded loser but all he really did was reveal himself to be a desperate man who was sinking into madness.  Soon the whole SNL limelight was gone and Al Gore was back to being a fat has-been who never really was.  He started to look like what he was – a guy who was born on third base but had convinced himself and the world that he’d hit a triple.

But wait — there’s more from Dr. SatterVan.

“By trying to stay relevant, Al Gore started a TV station (Current TV) and put an essentially  confirmed insane news moron, Keith Olbermann, in the anchor chair.  He then added an untalented complete idiot (Joy Behar) in the talk slot.  Then he filled up all the rest of the content with silly shows about climate change and conspiracy theories.  I think it was at that moment that I knew Al Gore was descending into madness. 

“Mentally ill people — pathologically delusional liars — who also manage to make it through admirably in the public eye, almost always  tend to want to associate with other mentally sick people who are cut from the same kind of delusionl cloth.  Of course Olbermann failed miserably and the whole thing came crashing down on Al Gore, and either he had to up his meds ( assuming he was ever on any) or try to cope the best way he could.

“But then there was a bright light on the horizon.  He had an offer to sell Current TV for a whole lot of money ($100 million) to Al Jazeera, a news network that supports terrorism no matter what anyone says to the contrary.  Also, Al Jazeera is based in Qatar — an alleged ally of the USA, but still a country who built all of its wealth on the sale of the very same fossil fuels Al Gore seems to loathe. 

“Naturally this renewed fame finds him ofen traveling in private jets and living in luxury in palacial homes both of which leave a larger carbon footprint in one week than the average American leaves in a lifetime.  This is his ultimate hypocrisy and now that he is being called out for selling out his ideals for $100 million, he is back on the left wing gravy train.  He takes softball interviews from guys like David Letterman and Matt Lauer and Jon Stewart.  This is a re-enactment of the Alec Baldwin mess.  When he is asked about the hypocrisy of selling out to terrorists and oil lords, he runs back to the global warming thing.  He is a cornered rat and this is how he is recoiling from the truth.

“What has happened is that Al Gore has told so many lies and invented so many stories that he doesn’t know truth from reality.  History will see him as the ultimate snake oil salesman and hypocrite and perhaps even a traitor to the USA, but it’s not fair.  He is, in my opion, overcome by a serious pathological illness of lying and denial and delusional detachment.  I would almost tend to think that he might be in some kind of walking vegetative state where his super-ego has gained control and he is eternally sleepwalking. He shows no sign of body language when he speaks and that alone is very frightening for a medical professional to witness.  I might even go so far as to say that he doesn’t even know or remember anything he says.  He needs the care of an insightful and thoughtful psychiatrist if there is indeed any organic disease or dementia, and he also needs years and years of therapy.  I doubt he will ever recover, but it’s the humane thing to do.”

Damien LeGallienne, Reporting from Finland exclusively for

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