The new astrology sign Ophiuchus is fake.

According to our expert astrologer, Countess DeRenzatto, there is no change in the zodiac as claimed by some lunatic Parke Kunkle who is just trying to turn a buck by changing everything.

“Imagine all the money you would make selling geography books if parts of South America sank or drifted west,” said Countess DeRenzatto in a fit of anger.  “This charlatan Kunkle just wants to start a whole new cottage industry because he is a third rate astronomer who needs money and fame. 

“Your sign NEVER changes no matter what happens.  It is the sign under which you were born and it is the sign under which you will die.”

So, pay no attention to this new sign or any new zodiac stuff you see.  It’s all a money-making scam.

4 thoughts on “The new astrology sign Ophiuchus is fake.

  1. I didn’t say it wasn’t real — I said the need to change your sign was a hoax — reading is fundamental.

  2. Your title “The new astrology sign Ophiuchus is fake”…fake=opposite of real… What were you saying about reading?

  3. Those are KEY WORDS — do you think every loon in the world goes around and nit picks like you? Shut up before I turn your comment into spam and then you won’t be able to write comments on anyone’s blog, Amanda. Now cuddle up next to your slave — er I mean Sled dog and wait for the sun to come up in June.

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