In simple terms, Elton John is a nice man.  He does nice things for a lot of people.  He is talented and unselfish and caring.  He has always carried himself well in good times and in bad times.  He is talented and loyal and just about everything a good man can be to earn the title of being a “good man.”

So what was it that brought the squad cars screaming up his drive – so to speak — when he spoke out in an interview in Australia and called Madonna a CUNT?  And why did he say that her career is over?

Some people may over-analyze what Elton said in his Aussie interview but this writer knows the reason why Sir Elton said what he said.  

The reason Sir Elton called Madonna a cunt and said that her career was over is simply because both statements are TRUE. 

Madonna is indeed a cunt with a capital C, and her career is indeed OVER —  and she has made life miserable for Sir Elton and a lot of the people around him.  Do you honstly think that he singled out Madonna for no reason? 

There are probably plenty of reasons for Sir Elton’s animosity,  and rather than get sued for revealing these particulars, he opts to simply call her a washed-up cunt.  This writer agreesc with Sir Elton because he too does not want to get sued by that washed up old cunt.

The unwritten rule in show biz and stardom land is that you never say anything unkind about another celebrity.  It lowers your level of fan mystique.   All you ever hear from  an actor or musician is how “wonderful” this celebrity was to work with and how “great” it was to work with that one.  More often than not, famous people don’t like one another.  Working in show business is just like working in McDonalds.  There’s always at least one prick and one cunt that nobody likes.

This time, Madonna must have pushed the envelope far too far and thankfully she was put into her place — and that maneuver was handled quite skillfully by Sir Elton.

The American press is far too frightened to even mention  that Elton called Madonna a cunt and instead they are focusing on the part where he called her a “fairground stripper.”  She does look like one, but CUNT says it best. 

So what did she do?

Well — maybe it has something to do with her alleged insane jealousy of Lady Gaga — a much younger woman than that 60-year-old hag from Detroit  — the former Madonna Ciccone.

Maybe she is viewed by some people as a huge and pretentious pain the ass and a piece of self-hating American trash who has squatted long enough in Europe and they’re sick of her “me me me” ways.

Maybe she is uncharitable?  Maybe she is manipulative — or maybe — just maybe — she is a cunt whose career is over.  

No matter how you slice it, every word Sir Elton said was, in this writer’s opinion — 100% true.   Now go out and figure the reasons out for yourself. 

Elton favors Lady Gaga — why?  Because GaGa is a moron but sh has not yet achioeved the extreme moron-ness of Madonna. 

Madonna is well known as a complete douche bag who is incredibly rude to pretty much everyone she considers beneath her in spite of the fact that she is an uneducated imbecile. 

Elton John is way past that shit.  He simply can’t stand Madonna’s stuck up and antiquated Norma Desmond posturing. In fact, this all started when Madonna was rude to folks on Sir Elton’s staff.  Madonna has no scruples and in fact she is viewed by many as somewhat sociopathic. 

Here is one press release: — Sir Elton John launched a vitriolic attack on Madonna today, accusing her of cheating fans by miming on stage. 
The star targeted the Queen of Pop in his latest public outburst. 
Attending the Q Awards to pick up a prize for his songwriting, Sir Elton was incensed to find Madonna had been nominated for best live act. 
Taking to the stage, Sir Elton blasted: ‘Madonna – best f**ing live act? F*** off. Since when has lip-synching been live? Anyone who lip-synchs in public on stage when you pay £75 to see them should be shot.’ 
He ended his rant by saying: ‘That’s me off her f***ing Christmas card list but do I give a toss? No.’ 
Madonna did not win the award – that honour went to British band Muse. 
She was nominated for her Re-Invention tour. The show attracted criticism in some quarters because tickets were so expensive. 
Today’s outburst at the Grosvenor House Hotel in Central London came after Sir Elton hit the headlines last month by branding Taiwanese photographers ‘rude, vile pigs’ in an airport bust-up. 

Madonna “responded” to Elton John’s outburst this afternoon with this short but sweet and totally phony statement from Liz Rosenberg<—–celebrity enabler parasite and bullshit spewer: 
“Madonna doesn’t lip-synch, and does not spend her time trashing other artists. 
However Elton John is still on her Christmas card list whether he is naughty or nice!”  LIAR LIAR LIAR! Ms Rosenberg.  YUK!!!!

Madonna can’t respond herself — which is typical.  She does it through her fugly puppet, Liz Rosenberg.   This is one more reason why Madonna is a cunt!


  1. She IS a cunt. She is an utterly immoral, self absorbed, malignantly narcissistic slutty ass cunt. And those are her better qualities.

  2. Oh please, it is hardly like this is the only time someone has called her a cunt. And if the cunt shoe fits, wear it, cunt. She’s a slut.

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