Internet Explorer browser sucks ass!  It’s slow and as soon as you download another browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla, they slow down their service even more.  I have a business where I am forced to use Internet Explorer for certain things and every giddam minute they put up a little banner at the bottom that says “ADD ONS ON SLOWING DOWN YOUR INTERNET EXPLORER.”

So what are add-ons?  Well, when you click on that annoying banner that makes your brand new 2012 laptop behave like a 1995 dial-up desktop, you find that Internet Explorer is trying to get you to delete any other browser you have.

Gee — wait a second — why isn’t my Internet Explorer slowing down Google Chrome?   Why is my Google Chrome browser 100% reliable and lightening fast?  Why doesn’t Google Chrome tell me that Internet Explorer is slowing me down?  Why doesn’t Google Chrome force me onto Yahoo where every fucking news article requires that you watch a 30 second commercial?  Why doesn’t Google Chrome put stupid shit stories on Facebook and force you to watch commercials?  Why is Google Chrome a browser that doesn’t force you to read Huffington crap when you try to access your petrified AOL email address that you are so afraid to get rid of?  WHY?  The answer is simple — GOOGLE CHROME is the greatest and fastest and most user-friendly browser there is.  Internet Explorer is sickening and sneaky.  When is somebody going to shut down that fucking company?  They are soooooo 1999.

Microsoft is shameless and disgusting and they have the average person suckered into thinking that THEY are “THE” browser when in fact they are the worst.  They sucker you into Yahoo toolbars and all kinds of stupid shit and they are so prone to hacking that they anybody who uses INternet Explorer has to be an idiot.


  1. No need to be rude…neither of them suck.
    1. Internet explorer was made first
    2.Internet explorer IS trying their best.
    3.Goggle chrome AND internet explorer are the same.

  2. Most random and stupid comment in history — thanks Warrior — you won the moron of the year award. There are only 30 days left in the year and I doubt that anyone will say something dumber.

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