Old lady with guns in car — Minnesota State Trooper HOAX!!!!

   The stupid story going around on Facebook about a woman who had a lot of guns in her car when stopped by a Minnsesota state trooper for a traffic violation is a complete hoax.  As a matter of fact, it’s such a hoax that the picture that is being circulated on facebook with a photo of a woman has come under fire because it’s a photo from a family reunion of a Mrs. Abagail Armstrong who died in 2002 at age 94 and never had a car or a driver’s license.  The Facebooke “sharers” are truly being fooled — are you one of them?

The story is funny — BUT IT’S TOTALLY FALSE, and the old lady whose picture appears in this latest Facebook share is the mother of a military officer who is really ticked off.

“I received a message from a friend that pictures of my mother were circulating on Facebook,” said Peter Armstrong, 76, a former Air Force officer and retired airline pilot who lives in San Diego, California USA.

“I instantly thought that perhaps my children or grandchildren had put up  a picture and it somehow got to my friend.  He told me that this was not the case and that I should have a look at it and that I was not going to like it.  Since I do not have a Facebook account, he sent me an email with the photo of my mother and the strange story that went along with it.  I was shocked.

“That picture was taken at a family reunion in the fall of 2000 by a professional photographer my brother and I had hired because my mother was there with her three sisters and each of them were in their nineties.  This picture is one he took of my mother and a black and white reproduction of the original photo which actually hangs in my living room and each of my children has one as well.  The photo really captured my mother’s face and personality.”

Armstrong then fired off a call to the photographer only to find that the business was now owned by a different person entirely and that the original photographer, Arial-Hin Arcevo, had returned to his home in Thailand.  The new owner told Armstrong that he was not surprised that a photo of his mother was circulating on the internet.

“I was told that Mr. Arcevo had a good business going in Thailand of selling images of ordinary people for use in greeting cards and other things for public use on the internet.  He was in business here for a long time and in  that time he must have assembled a lot of images.  If he needs an old Asian woman, he has a picture of one and in this case he needed a picture of a grandmotherly American old lady, so my mom’s picture was the one he used.  According to the police in Thailand, what he is doing is not illegal but his images sell to internet sites and other outlets for over $200 or more.”

“My mother had a great sense of humor and was a jolly laugher, but to have people think that my mother was really a gun toting, foul mouthed old lady really hurts.  She would not have liked this at all.  She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and she died on the Fourth of July in 2002.  One of the things she told me when I visited her was that she hoped people would remember her.  I don’t think this Facebook thing is what she had in mind.”


25 thoughts on “Old lady with guns in car — Minnesota State Trooper HOAX!!!!

  1. I’m one of those “morons” that shared the photo, if for no reason but to applaud independence and self sufficiency of women who are often considered weak and frail. Despite the authenticity of the pic, the message is still the same. It is unfortunate that the woman pictured is being misrepresented- but who doesn’t want to high-five the gran in the story, imaginary or not?

  2. You are indeed a moron and the good thing is that you know it. What you fail to realize is that the picture of a dead woman – sombody’s loved one – an she is being represented as a gun-toting old woman who uses profanity to make a redneck white trash yahoo like you happy. I take back what I said about you being a moron. You’re not a moron, you a simple-minded hick. Get ‘er done, RETARD!

  3. DDM, nothing screams “simple minded” like schoolyard namecalling. It is unfortunate that you completely missed my point and instead jumped immediately to such a hateful and judgemental stance. It may be worthwhile to re-read my original response. I DO realize the origin of the photo, and, as I mentioned, think that it is unfortunate that someone’s deceased loved one is misrepresented. The message is still the same, with or without a picture. Would you feel differently if there were no photo associated with the story? Would your opinion change if a loved one was preyed upon (or worse) because they had no means of self defense? The world we live in is not always a friendly one, and I would much rather my loved ones have the ability to defend themselves should the need arise. Staying isolated in a bubble for fear of “what could happen” is no way to live.

  4. Ahhhhhh………….DDM. You must be a stupid biscuit lipped n***er. Why don’t you go eeek oooook on Odumbo’s blog. They like your drivel over there.

  5. Response to “C” — What the hell are you talking about? Somebody stole the image of a dead woman and spread it over the earth on a stupid Facebook viral message, and you’re talking in some kind of gibberish. You need a neurologist — pronto! Do me a favor, okay? Send me a photo of your grandmother and I’ll put it up on here with a story: Old lady arrested for giving head to Harley bikers on Main Street. How’d you like that?

  6. Response to Eddie in Poolville, Texas. This is how they talk in Poolville? Folks, I added the asterisks to block out the N word, but I published the comment because I want you to see the kind of people I have to deal with.

  7. This is in fact real as I am the state trooper who pulled the lady over. No references, however, you don’t have any references either. So who is everyone going to believe? The person cliaming to be the state trooper who pulled the lady over or the person claiming to have spoke with the person claiming to be the old lady’s son? There is one less fewer claims on my end. Also, just because you carry a firearm doesn’t make you a hick. It makes you capable of protecting yourself. Something that time and time has saved the person carrying the gun as well as many people who are not carrying guns.

  8. What’s this deal about NO REFERENCES? The story is the story as it appears on this dopey blog is true. The “State Troopr” angle to this story has been attributed to at least 10 states that I have read over the past year. It’s an urban legend joke. It’s a funny joke that pretends to be a real life story and some dead lady’s picture is being dragged into it. So far in my reading, there are variations of this story. She has been pulled over by a 12 troppers in 12 states and one MP at an army base where “she was visting her grandson.” So what does that tell you — it’s a joke but not funny to the family who got screwed with the photograph

  9. You are a big fat liar and not a state trooper. If this was a real true article in a newspaper, why is it written in the first person? The image is obviously a commercially available image (although the guy who sold it as a commercial image should be prosecuted). You’re as much of a state trooper as I am the District Attorney in my home town. Idiot! Also, the whole gun angle does play into the humor of hicks and backwoods people. Nothing wrong with that but it is a redneck-ish joke.

  10. The really funny thing is… Several of my friends shared this, I commented that it was a hoax. They got mad at me!

  11. The thing is, no one thought badly about your grandmother. She didn’t come off as a criminal or foul mouthed, and just because she carry’s guns doesn’t make her a bad person. I found it quit amusing, and I actually respected her honesty! That was of course until I realized this was completely made up by some random person. I don’t think you should take offense to it, I do understand your point of view though and why you might be upset. Just I wouldn’t let it get to you, it was in all good and fun. I mean I have seen a lot more negative false reports about people, just be thankful it wasn’t anything more than it was.

  12. also to say that someone who carries guns is hickish back country.. Well I’m from the city of Philadelphia, and most people have gun permits. My mother carries a concealed weapon, and uses the f word all the time. I feel like this is something she would do lol juss sayin!

  13. Also I take offense to the term Retard, I’m sure you have a disabled person in your family, or know someone who is mentally disabled. I am actually in the process of becoming a special needs teacher myself. You actually have come off as more of a moron damien than anyone else.. calling people names is simply childish. Yes I understand someone was hurt by the fact this photo got out there, but it was a joke! Get off your high horse, I’m a city girl I use the F word and I will be getting a gun permit very soon. Im just saying it’s not just for hicks to laugh at, I also got a bigger message from it, so lets try and be a little less ignorant.

  14. I love that this damien guy is so desparate for comments that he has to troll his own blog to try and get some drama startad. Also, yea it sucks about the picture, but as the article itself pointed out there’s nothing that can be done. What’s done is done, there’s nothing that you can do about it, move on. As for the story itself, who cares? It’s good for all of 5 minutes of a laugh then you move on.

  15. How the fuck do I troll my own blog — by responding to comments? Would you rather I ignored the people who took the time to comment? I still am not 100% sure what you mean by “troll his own blog” — You sound like a real fucking idiot! You know what — don’t come back. Stay in Manassas, and troll your man ass. Stupid moron!

  16. I think that all of you people are about as dumb as they come!! I swear people always have to be so negative. Why is everyone ganging up on Damien because he see’s the moral of the story. If ya’ll took the time to read instead of trying to bash people about their opinions then you too would be able to see the story. The people in this world are unbelievable and society will never flourish with idiots like ya’ll. Get a life!!!

    I am sure this is probably a hoax as well but none the less people are entitled to their own opinions and thoughts.

  17. I think this website is a hoax. I have never seen anyone call people names as many times as this guy. It seems to me that he has created a website and is looking for attention. I would love it if my mother or father were represented in this way. I admire any person brave enough to carry a gun since honestly I am terrified to have one. I am not against them, I’m simply afraid of them. I think this guy is full of shit and that prolly isn’t his mother. He just seems a little extreme on the mean comments. If he is truly this womans son, then dude get a fkin life.

  18. What’s all the name calling and negative comment about..?? No one knew that it was fake to begin with…so it was passed around for what it said..
    not intending to “hurt anyone’s feelings”…but to get a laugh….
    If you feel that the “sender” was at fault…for not knowing it was bs…then you negatives need a neurologist…. now…..go kneel in the corner and ask for forgiveness – before I have you doing pushup’s on a gravel driveway…!!

  19. Anybody with any brain matter and logic would be able to see and to figure out that it’s a fake story. It gets spread around by imbeciles who aren’t motivated in their own lives to search for truth and humor. How’s that? There’s nothing wrong with negativity. It was recently proven that negativity has no effect on the outcome of anything — why isn’t there a press release about that?

  20. IF you think they are ALL hoaxes? You must live in a big city where only the police and criminals carry. IF you go to places in the country where many have CC permits? You would not be typing such a silly article. You poor indoctrinated little dweeb.

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