Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi – New Facelift Plastic Surgeries For State Of The Union

If you caught Obama’s State of The Union address last night you might have noticed that NY Senator Chuck Schumer was wearing his brand new facelift and botox — it was still shining from the vaseline salve.  He looked very feminine.  He should have invested in hair plugs for the back of his head.  He only has a few rows in the front which he grows long and combs back.  Same as Biden.   He oughta fix that.

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi was also sporting new facework — lift, botox, peel, and whatever else they could do to her.  She too was shining from vaseline salve. 

The whole thing was hilarious.  Michelle Obama looked pretty.   Prez Obama is starting to look warn out.  Nice speech but really didn’t say anything.  I do like his foreign policy and I think he is gradually becoming a hawk — which is good in these troubled times as Dr. Joyce Brothers says in her Life Alert commercials where she looks like an unwrapped Egyptian mummy.  I think she is about 95 years old — no joke.

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