Finland reports: Adam Lambert fight with gay lover.

Without all his makeup, Adam Lambert is an acne scarred ugly queen.  Without special micorphones and sound stabilizers, he can’t sing.  Without police intervention he would have beat the living shit out of his little bit of a thing — a wafer-thin boyfriend — a guy named Sauli Koshkinen who is almost as fugly and queenie as Adam Lambert.  The two big queens deserve each other.

According to reports, former American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert got thrown into a Finnish jail for an overnight stay after he started swinging fists with his boyfriend outside a bar .

Lambert and Finnish imitation celebrity,  Sauli Koshkinen, a no talent who became as famous as you can get in Finland by being on a Finnish reality show — which means he is totally not famous — had an argument and fistfight which reportedly started inside the bar in Helsinki, but eventually poured out into the street. Lambert allegedly got physical with people who tried to break up the fight, as well … before police arrived and took him and Koskinen into custody.

They were arrested for multiple assaults, according to a Finnish newspaper.

Adam Lambert is a total queen and just writing this makes me sick to my stomach.  Why is every guy from a reality show a queen?  UGH!

2 thoughts on “Finland reports: Adam Lambert fight with gay lover.

  1. First of all, Adam can sing. There’s no way he would have made to 2nd place in American Idol if he couldn’t. Second, there were no punches thrown, period. They got into an argument, yes, and bad things were said, but there was no punches thrown. Adam and Sauli made up, agreeing that it was just the jetlag and alcohol. And, though I do not personally like Sauli, he is not ugly.

  2. Everything Jenny said is untrue — and if Adam Lambert “can sing” why is he already a memory — punches were THROWN you stupid idiot!

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