Sponge Kabob Square Pants Flees Egypt.

He may not be as famous in the USA as his cousin BOB, but Sponge Kabob Square Pants is a huge star in Egypt and with all the unrest there, he has had to sneak out of the country and go to Greece.

“I had to go to Greece and walk on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea,” said Sponge Kabob.  “I am not worried that somebody will use me to bathe cause that never happens with my people, but they might sell you to a tourist who does and I don’t want wind up hanging from somebody’s shower.”

This is the second close call for Sponge Kabob.  In 2006 he was caught with his square pants down in bed with another male sponge and the penalty for that in Egypt is being thrown from the highest tower. 

“You know, sponges don’t even have different sexes,” said Sponge Kabob.  “I mean, we can reproduce asexually, and while I was having fun in bed with the other sponge, it was not what you would call spongosexuality.  So they threw me off a tower that was 300 feet high and I bounced around a few times.   It was not a big deal, but I felt that I would be better off in Greece until everything calms down.  They’re crazy over there right now.

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