Facebook Hacking is Rampant — NO SAFETY – November 2011

Facebook has been so hacked as of November 13, 2011, that it is now unreadable and disgusting to look at.   You never know what will pop up on your screen — and it’s coming from your friends who don’t even know it’s happening.

Today your Facebook news feed brought you: — Pictures of aborted fetuses — nude people — sick people — sex acts — Mexicans with their brians blown out on the pavement — medical oddities and deformities– it’s all on there and being spawned from the accounts of facebookers who are either too stupid to change their passowrds frequently or Facebook is just sooooo unsafe that no amount of diligence can prevent the hacking — Facebook is doing NOTHING about this — NOTHING. 

Facebook can no longer be trusted.  In its haste for greed and money and personal information, facebook has abandoned any attempt to protect your account or your privacy.

The stuff that is going on Facebook today and for the past week has been inexcusable and disgusting.

This is how unsafe Facebook has become — These hackers who put up these pictures have figured out a way to prevent you from blockingthe offending the account.  A window comes up that says that the blocking system is “overloaded.”

Please — Facebook has to go — if hackers can disrupt the system so easily, it’s easy to understand how they can use Facebook to get into your computer and ruin your life.

Facebook is very bad — VERY!

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