House That Looks Like Hitler —

If you look at it carefully, this house looks an awful lot like Adolph Hitler.  The picture was taken by a young woman on a street in Long Valley, New Jersey USA while she was doing a study of bisexuality amongst New Jersey policemen and collecting photos of the area for research.

“I was taking pictures of the area around Long Valley, New Jersey to use as a backdrop for my thesis about male bisexuality and it’s predominance in the New Jersey law enforcement community,” said Hayley Brytunne, a student at The Zurich University of Human Sexuality.

“I snapped this picture for no apparent reason and as my friends were looking at my photos they thought that this house looked like Hitler — sure enough it does.  Now my study has gone from studying bisexual cops to studying houses that look like people.  I also have a picture of a house with huge clumps of black moss growing on top of it and it looks a lot like Ralph Macchio now that he is wearing a hairpiece on Dancing With The Stars.

“I have to get back to my original thesis and not let this internet craze of the house that loks like Hitler intefere with my studies,” continued Brytunne.  “Many cops in New Jersey are bisexual and this important issue needs to be addressed more than a house that looks like a Nazi, but I can’t help myself.  Yesterday I saw a house that looked just like Lady Gaga — thankfully it was on fire and burned to the ground.”

Brytunne is making money off this photo and that’s a good thing because she will use it to help many of New Jersey’s bisexual cops who are having a hard time adapting to their macho image. 

“It takes more than a gun and a pit bull to make a man 100% heterosexual,” said Brytunne.  “This thesis is meant to help cops all over the world and if my picture of the house that looks like Hitler helps that cause, well then I will have done a good thing.”

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