Bald Eagle on Soldier’s Grave — Facebook HOAX

If you’re just waking up, be prepared for more maudlin fake shit on your Facebook.  Today’s fake retarded-inspirational Facebook photo is the totally Photo-Shopped atrocity which depicts a bald eagle perched atop the gravestone of a fallen soldier.

Now what could be worse than a fallen soldier?  Well, how about a patriotically dishonest photograph that was manufactered on somebody’s computer just because they wanted to see how many people would spread it around.

What is the mindset?  What inspires people to hoodwink others like this?  Why do people like to go on YouTube and Facebook and god knows where else and post this stuff.  Furthermore, what inspires Facebookers to mindlessly oooh and ahhh this crap?  IT’S FAKE!  CAN’T YOU SEE THAT IT’S FAKE?

Has an eagle ever landed on a soldier’s tombstone?  Probably.  But not this one.

Of course you have your sentimental and maudlin friends who will pass this around Facebook until everybody has it.  After it makes the morning rounds on Facebook, it will hit the Twitter and iPhone accounts of millions of MORONS!

“Look at this Brittany!  Isn’t  that awesome?”   <—–I would like a dollar for every time that gets said.

Of course this photo will also be used by people who hate America.  That’s another story for another day.

Anyway — take a close look at the photo and you will notice a slight aura around the bird.  That’s where the photo-shopper tried to blend the light balance but failed.  He/She also failed the dead soldier because it depicts something that never happened.

I hate Facebook mostly because I hate the retards who use it to pass along stupid maudlin shit.  It just keeps happening day after day.  If it’s not a hoax about Betty White talking about balls and vaginas, it’s a hoax-photo of a fake quote from the Dalai Lama.  It never ends — and it never ends because the average person is a moron.

Listen — the more fake inspirational stuff you “share” on Facebook, the lower your IQ — it’s a medical fact.

“People who share maudlin sentiment and inspirational artifacts on social networking websites, tend to be less intelligent than people who do not.  The difference in intelligence is not a slight one either.  In 80% of the cases the “sharer” has an intelligence quotient (IQ) which measures nearly 22% lower than the national average.” [Dean Traherne MD, Executive Director, Center For Cerebral Internet Medicine.]


5 thoughts on “Bald Eagle on Soldier’s Grave — Facebook HOAX

  1. Fort Snelling Cemetery at around the same time in the morning as the original was supposed to be taken. Not the length of the shadows. The pixel density of some of the better pics of the bird (originally from newspaper articles) is also different that the rest of the image. Finally the shadow of the tombstone with the bird is clearer that all the rest and at a slightly different angle.

  2. Too be completely honest I don’t care if the photo is real or not. What does matter is the fact that it has touched many hearts and souls, especially those of veterans and their families. With what is occurring around the world at this time, and in our own country, this is lifting our hearts and souls. Those are number one with me. It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran or not. What matter is that it’s there. I’m personally going to add it to my 9/11 screensaver pictures folder.

  3. The so-called ‘aura’… Look at every row of stones, even the one directly behind (our view) the one the eagle is on… Same brighter reflection, from the side of each stone. Row upon row upon row of that ‘aura’…

    Shadows are too short? Lo and behold, I give you the power of refraction and diffusion, from the haze.

    The birds’ pixels look different… Uh, HELLO… It’s a whole ‘nother color and texture than anything else in the pic, and done with film, then scanned. Of COURSE the thing looks different… Duuuh. Oh, BTW, the Eagle was also the center of focus, so its’ pixel density would be different, anyway.

    This was NOT originally digital… THERE’S your whole set of problems solved, quite logically. Go ask a REAL expert, next time.

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