Send Josh Fattal, Shane Bauer and Sarah Shourd Back To Iran.

The three misfits who caused an international pain in the ass, are back in the news, if only to further enhance the truth that they are, and always will be, misfits of the highest order. 

I imagine that the warmth of attention the “hikers”received when they were released from an Iranian jail, has cooled off, so now they left home again to join the circus — the Occupy Wall Street circus.

Get a load of what these total a-holes are blubbering about at their local misfit chapter of Occupy Wall Street. 

The three American hikers – Josh Fattal, Shane Bauer and Sarah Shourd – freed after being imprisoned by Iran, addressed the Occupy Oakland camp Monday night and said they supported recent hunger strikes in California state prisons to protest conditions in isolation units and excessive gang security measures.

This writer knew instinctively that the “occupy” movement would lure in these three loathsome, mindless, and publicity hungry useful idiots.  Misfits are the bait and the OWS movement is the hungriest fish in an ocean full of malcontented misfits!  Imagine the stupidity — the extreme dumbness — and the nerve — THE NERVE — to suggest that prison security in the USA is too excessive.  Imagine the chutzpah — can you?  I sure can. 

These three horror shows need to be sent back to Iran — but only after they spend one night as  prison guards — the lone prison guards —  in warlord gang detention where the security measures have been eased.

I must say, without any hesitation or reserve, that Josh Fattal, Shane Bauer and Sarah Shourd are the three biggest tools in the USA.  They represent, in my opinion,  EVERYTHING that is wrong with the USA today.  They are undignified, pushy, and misguided to such an extent that even an expert in cult deconditioning psychology could never bring them back to some semblance of normalcy.

Kindly do not feel sorry for them with the naive notion that their imprisonment in Iran did this to them — NO! They were like this before and that’s how they got themselves into the Iranian mess in the first place. 

It’s nice to be liberal and progressive — but not the way these three do it.   Pay attention to me because these three stooges have only just begun to wreak havoc in their mousy way — you’ll see.


6 thoughts on “Send Josh Fattal, Shane Bauer and Sarah Shourd Back To Iran.

  1. Well, you’re probably a Republican; so your mental retardation can be taken into consideration.

  2. These three were back in their front row seats on the Look At Me Express again this week, recounting their tale of woe yet again to the NYT. Do they ever go anywhere without each other? Creepy. Even Jack, Janet and Chrissie popped down solo to the Ropers for a tete-a-tete once in awhile.

    Several years later and these three are still the biggest ass-hats in the US… the only thing that’s new is we now have the word ass-hat to describe them! (as in someone with their head so far up his ass it serves as a hat.)

  3. Here we go this bloger is nothing but a keyboard warrior get a life man get out of your mom basement and your blog show that you don’t know anything or how hard life can be judging those people while you sit on your fat ass and not having care in life and writing this bullshit dushbag

  4. Enny Penny — do you know how tired and played out and trite the “mom’s basement” analogy is getting –especially when you don’t know how to use punctuation? Everything I wrote about those three misfits is true. Now you can include yourself as well. And just “how hard” are their lives? Go fuck yourself. You’re an Etobikoke Canadian misfit and in my opinion you are a terrorist sympathizer. Damien

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