Joshua Fattal and Shane Bauer — Two Misfit Assholes!

Joshua Fattal and Shane Bauer, the two adventuring New Yawkuhs who got themselves holed up in Iran for two years because they are, in my opinion, attention-starved losers and child-minded douche-bags, are the perhaps the two biggest assholes on the earth at the present time.  

The dopey dippy girl, Sarah something or other, who was also with them,  was released one year earlier because the Iranians  got tired of her whining voice.   

The other two aforementioned nebbishes say that they were wandering around the peaceful regions of Iraq (but there are no peaceful regions in Iraq) when they were detained by Iranian border guards. 

Now that they are on American soil, they claim that they were detained only because of their nationality — American.   Ugh……I’m not even gonna go there.  I don’t think they are Americans.  They are MISFITS.  Misfits belong to an entirely different ethnic group of their own.

“The irony of it all,” Bauer said, “is that Sarah, Josh and I oppose U.S. policies towards Iran which perpetuate this hostility.” <—-Don’t you just want to put this little asshole back on a plane and drop him in the middle of Tehran with a picture of Mohammad on his t-shirt?

These guys are both 29 — don’t they  have jobs or girlfriends or boyfriends?  Why the fuck would anyone in their right mind go wandering around “hiking” in Iraq?  Are they perhaps  too sophisticated and cultured to go to a Caribbean resort like normal people?  No!  That is not the reason why they were “hiking” in Iraq.

The answer to why they were  hiking in Iraq is the usual DamienZone answer when it comes to people like this.  They were “hiking in Iraq” because they are MISFITS!  This is the kind of stupid, pretentious and annoying shit that MISFITS do.  This is typical MISFIT behavior.  These three will always be MISFITS, and even after they were rescued they still maintained their MISFITTED-NESS !!!!!

To add to the sickening-ness of these two, after their release one of them – the skinny ugly balding one – said something to the effect that he hoped that all countries including the the USA would release political prisoners.  HUH?   The United States — the country that went out of its way and prevented you three losers from being beheaded and stoned and having your bodies thrown from the top of the highest minaret —  is holding political prisoners about whom you care?  LIARS!  

Trust me, if I were in charge, I would gladly tell the Iranian authorities that the three of them  were rogue spies from Misfit-land and then negotiate for something else important.  As a gesture of good will towards Iran, I would send these fucking misfits right the fuck back to Iran.

Now they’ll get their Uncle Morty a lawyer in New Yawk, to negotiate a book deal for them and movie deal based on their experience starring Shia LeBouef and Jake Gylenhaal and directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by Harvey Weinstein. 

They’ll make millions and for being assholes they will even get a reality show.  It will be called “Typical  Misfits Of New York”  — If you see either one of these two assholes — flip them the bird and tell them to go fuck themselves for me.    Boycott all books they might write and all TV shows on which they will appear because by inflamming the already tense relations between the USA and Iran and giving Iran a bargaining chip, they put a lot of American lives in danger — because that’s what MISFITS do best.


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