Who Is Dorothy Clay Sims? The Lady Lawyer Who Helped Casey Anthony.

What happens when an Amazonian defense attorney who has had a lot of pretty good plastic surgery to make herself look like Barbara Eden’s stillborn twin sister,  meets the world’s dumbest TV host?  Well, if you missed it, it was fun to see Joy Behar look smart for a few minutes.

If you happened to be one of the 100 or so people who watch Joy Behar’s cable show, you would have seen this horrific encounter when Joy interviewed Dorothy Clay Sims — Casey Anthony’s jubilant defense attorney.

You know Dorothy Clay Sims except you don’t know that you know her.  She’s the giant behemoth woman with the blond-ish hair who sat beside Casey during the trial and then jubilantly hugged the little monster when she got off for killing her kid.

She’s the 50 foot woman who went through Orlando tearing the tops off of bars and saloons shouting, “Harry!  Harry!”   Except the original 50-foot woman had nice boobs.

So anyway, Behar asked Sims if she would let Casey Anthony babysit her children and the killer defender could not — REPEAT — could NOT answer.  She said something about her kids being older — YA THINK???  Her “kids” are probably in their 40s.

There may, however, be two reasons why Dorothy Clay Sims could not answer.  One reason might be that she thinks  Casey is a dangerous psychopath and a pathological liar and a killer, and the other reason might be that she has had so much plastic surgery that she can’t move her mouth properly to express herself.  No matter how you squeeze it, this huge lady helped to get the baby killer off and she said that she liked Casey — does it get any more sickening than that?

Sims looked pretty husky and hulky and creepy during the trial — kind of like an evil Mrs. Roper — but afterwards, in TV interviews, she had a new hairstyle and plenty — and I mean PLENTY of makeup — not to mention that nose job and chin tuck and face lift and botox — etc etc etc.  Thankfully the cameras never zoomed in on her during the trial but on regular TV — Yikes!  I thought I was watching the Tammy Wynette exhumation videos. 

Look, Ms. Dorothy Clay Sims, honey,  when you hug and kiss Casey Anthony for getting away with murder and you helped her get away with that murder, people are going to make fun of your plastic surgery so get used to it.

You had one chance in front of Behar, the dumbest woman in the world, and you looked even dumber so we just have to make fun of your nose job etc.

A word of advice to Sims.  You had your throat and chin lifted but you should have gotten a chin implant because your chin receeds just a little too much — fix that before you go on another show.  When they zoom in that implant will make your nose look more natural — ’cause we all know that if you never had anything “done” you would look like Mrs. Roper — and then we’d know why Stanley couldn’t get it up.  Come to think of it, maybe you oughta get a little work done down there too — whadda ya say, honey!

3 thoughts on “Who Is Dorothy Clay Sims? The Lady Lawyer Who Helped Casey Anthony.

  1. Speaking of…..remember Greta Van Susteren before her surgeries looked like lurch’s gonads

  2. You all are pathetic for posting this “article.” You must be terribly miserable. I’m so sorry.

  3. The person who is miserable is this dopey broad who tossed away any sense of human dignity and heped to get that kid killer set free. Lawyers are the scum of the earth. She actually cried tears of joy when the verdict was announced. Can you imagine? Also, the whole “pathetic” “miserable” “too much time on your hands” “Live in your mther’s basement” “get a life” stuff is tired and played out and I usually don’t accept those comments but I had to prove that there are people out there who are godless.

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