AOL mail is down today because AOL SUCKS!

If you are trying to access your mail — forget it — it doesn’t work.  AOL is currently not working and one wonders when the day will finally come when this relic of the internet packs it in for good.   AOL is now a slave to Huffington and the once giant of internet email is now a sad vestige of its former self.

I urge all AOL people who cling to that old email address to simply drop it and stay away from AOL.   Using AOL for mail is like having cancer and going to a woman who heals with crystals.

Forget it.   Get a Gmail account — Yahoo is also out of the question because nothing on yahoo comes without having to watch a 15 second commercial which slows down your computer.  Maybe it’s better to simply get a paper, pen, stamp and envelope — use the post office.

Email was supposed to be simple — it is now anything but.

2 thoughts on “AOL mail is down today because AOL SUCKS!

  1. What you say is so true but for relics like myself who is known throughout her industry by her aol address how does one transition? What you say is true but actually putting that into practice is a whole other story.

  2. holy shit the dangerous opinions just don’t stop, look out for this guy everyone, we got a fuckin radical over here. probably the first person in history with the guts to say aol is bad.

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