Stephen Hawking is an Atheist and an Idiot.

 USA Todaythe newspaper that people only read at airports because of the colorful weathermap — put up a useless piece online about Stephen Hawking wherein Hawking says:

 “I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail. There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark,”

Okay — good for him.  That’s his opinion but one must also note that this is a guy whose entire life’s work is based on fairy tales and theories and in-your-face not knowing-ness.   

Think about it — Hawking is a physicist who likes to talk about the formation of the universe and black holes — stuff like that.   But his entire shtick is based on a theory that once there was nothing and then there was a huge explosion from which came everything.  That’s not a fairy story?  Even if you don’t believe in god or the afterlife, which sounds more plausible — think about it.

Okay, so let’s assume that there is no god or anything like that and that every spiritual thing people believe in their quest to find peace and tranquility in their lives is all a crock.  It has to be a crock, right, because we have no proof.  Maybe an angel appeared to somebody back in the 4th century and maybe a guy died on an operating table and saw his family on the other side of a river before the doctor’s restarted his heart — simply anecdotal stuff.   How is that any dopier than saying that once there was nothing and in an instant there was everything? 

In this way, Hawking and countless others like him, are just fairytale peddlers.  I’m not saying that universe was not created by a huge explosion, but pardon my simple mind when I ask about the nature of the explosion.

In Hawking’s world there is nothing that can travel faster than the speed of light.  To travel to the stars would take millions of years and would require vast amounts of energy.  If you told  Napoleon that he could fly in the air from Paris to New York in 7 hours, he would say that you were crazy — and so would the most learned scholars and scientists of his time —  and that’s all Hawking is — a scientist of our time. 

In reality he knows nothing and he will go to his grave knowing nothing but his numbers and calculations and all the other baloney that he has spent his life scribbling down — in a hundred years he will be defunct and in another hundred years those who defunct him will be defunct.  All he has contributed to the world is a bunch of books that will someday read like children’s fables.  He also will leave behind a bunch of TV shows where other people like Hawking talk between Oreck vacuum commercials, about the universe and it’s mysteries  — it’s all sci-fi — maybe it seems great now, but trust me, they don’t know ANYTHING.  Just because Hawking knows how to figure calculus, doesn’t mean he knows how life came to be.  You don’t have to be a religious nut to figure that one out on a blackboard.

The other thing about the USA Today piece by Douglas Stanglin that was especially disingenuous and sneaky and scummy was the fact that he and whoever else put the totally “how can I make your Monday a downer”  article together, also added a poll where they could foster their atheist agenda.  The Poll asked:  Do you agree with Stephen Hawking?  The choices were:  a) Yes  b) No  c) Hell No! 

Of course this was “Hell No” option was put there to split the no vote and to also mock the people who would respond with a “Hell No.”  If you think that wasn’t the purpose for the Hell No option, you need to have your head examined.   Of course the obligatory poll results chart came up wherein the vote was split but more in favor of the “Yes” by a few points — but do you see the slight of hand.  Do you see the scummy angle of arrogance – the disrespectful tone?  USA Today is a traveling man’s National Enquirer and inserting this poll into a story is typical of how the that rag operates. 

Here’s the thing.  Something created the universe.  Even a child knows that an empty toy chest will stay empty until somebody puts something in it.  Nothingness does not become somethingness just because Stephen Hawking calculated that the universe is expanding rapidly since  it originally had an exploding epicenter.  His calculations do not explain why there was an explosion of nothingness to somethingness.  In this way, Stephen Hawking is like a doctor who likes to talk about your symptoms but doesn’t understand a single thing about the disease that is causing them.  

All of theoretical physics regarding the fromation of the universe is theory — none of it is a rock solid fact.  There is no way to prove there was a Big Bang — ( that expression sounds so stupid to me ) — and I am much more likely to believe a guy who saw his dead relatives in a tranquil place while he was dead in the ER than I am to believe in something that sounds as dopey as The Big Bang.   To me it sounds like a teenager who wakes up on his 17th birthday and finds a new car in his garage and then for the rest of his life he refers to that day as the “Garage Car Birthday Appearance Day.”   Sounds dumb, right?

Here’s another thing.  Religion and the belief in God and/or an afterlife brings peace of mind to billions of people.  Even if it’s all hogwash, there are simple and not so simple people all over the world who find comfort in their various faiths.    There’s a kind of purpose to all of this but I can’t for the life of me find the purpose for overt atheism.  If you believe that there is no god or creator, than say nothing.  What joy is derived from hurting other people — people who for all intents and purposes are probably a lot more poor than you are — a lot less educated — a lot less comfortable etc.  Of course this isn’t always the case but let’s just say so for the sake of common decency, with 4 billion run-of-the-mill people on the earth,  how does it benefit anyone to not only say what Hawking said and what good does it do for the sad sack of cow dung who put that up as a NEWS article on a Monday morning?  There is something sick and cruel about that.  You don’t have to believe in god to be godless.  I have seen that first hand.

Anyway, the truth is that human beings are probably dumbs as rats and they will never know why they are here and why and how the universe came to be.  They compute and refute and dilute all they want but in the end there is no way to know anything.    But to believe that there once was nothing and then there was suddenly  something is to admit that something had to come from somewhere — right?

Stephen Hawking must have a lot of unanswered prayers — so do billions of people.   He has an axe to grind.  He has a disease that kills just about everybody who gets it, but there he is, trapped in a useless body,  and of course he’s mad at the world and whatever created it out of nothing.  He can’t prove that his own life’s work is real and he can’t prove that god and religion and the afterlife are unreal– how messed up must it be to be Stephen Hawking and how messed up must it be to be the kill-joy misfit who wrote the poll?  Don’t get me started because without even seeing the writer or knowing anything about him, I can draw about 5 conclusions that I know would prove to be more factual than anything ever theorized by Stephen Hawking.

Nice way to start your week

Oh, one last thing.   Am I a scientifically ignorant and unsophisticated  moron for writing this?

a) no  b) yes  c) Hell Yes!


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