Princess Beatrice Hat On Ebay — cheap with 3 days to go.

There are 63 bids with 3 days to go on the Ebay bidding for the hat that put Princess Beatrice in the Royal Mental Hospital, and while billions of people worldwide saw the hat — it even had it’s own Facebook page — nobody seems to be bidding since the ugly thing is hanging at GBP30,000.   Experts think that maybe it’s because the hat has little bit of Princess Beatrice’s sweaty head smell still in it, but the hat comes with a free sample of Fabreeze and Sclapacin and RID lice killer.

There has to be some loon out there who will ante up a big bid, after all, it is for charity, right?

There have been a few GBP150,000 bids but they have been withdrawn with the excuse that the person bid the wrong amount, but the truth is that nobody wants the frigging hat at these high bidders assumed they would be outbid while still getting a chance to be in on a world famous auction — trouble is, only 63 bids have been made — I have seen more bids on an antique lemonade pitcher ( I am totally serious) — nobody wants this monstrosity.

Think about it — this hat was the most talked about thing in the world for one day — it will be forever remembered — and billion of people noted it’s existence, but NOBODY really wants it — unless of course somebody smahes the bidding in the last moments, but you think these hoighty-toighty society people would be in a mad dash to buy the thing just for the sake of the shits and giggles and the charity angle — but alas no.  The Princess has a worthless hat — if you call GBP30,000 worthless.

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