John McCain is a complete idiot — sabotaging the Republican party.

It finally dawned on me today that the John McCain’s only qualification as a presidential candidate in 2008 was the fact that he was tortured by the Viet Cong.  He never really did anything else, and since the Viet Cong aren’t even really people, this heroic posturing was just a crock of shit. 

This sounds really mean-spirited, right?  Why did it occur to me?  Well, today it became quite apparent that John McCain is a senile fucktard who can be bought for the price of a bag of M&Ms.  He is in Obama’s pocket and he’s in Leon Panetta’s pocket.  He’s a failed presidential candidate with a bitter axe to grind.  His life is puttering out and nobody takes him seriously, and his McCain/Palin ticket might go down in history as one of the dopiest in history.  This about it.  He couldn’t beat Obama — n’uf said.  He’s a loser. 

McCain has now taken the maverick thing to new highs for him and new lows for us.  He’s gone on the record — for no apparent reason– to proclaim to the world that the tracking and capture of Obama had nothing to do with enhanced interrogation.   He did this despite the fact that there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary.  He did this because he is a shill for Obama and a shill for Panetta and a shill for the left.  He also did this because he is too old and dumb to see that he is being used as a stooge to make the Republican party look dumb and divided.  All the things that John McCain has done in the past 10 years prove one thing – that torture might not get you to talk, but it eventually turns you into a blubbering asshole.

McCain — you got tortured — great — what the frock does that have to do with how, when and why the US Military was able to nab Bin Laden in his shithole, cinder-block “compound?”  

I don’t give a shit who wins in 2012,  but Republicans better just save their money and not even bother nominating a Presidential candidate because thanks to assholes like McCain and the people who dupe him — like Panetta — there is NO SHOT that Obama will lose in 2012.

Today I realized why John McCain is an idiot.  I always suspected it, but now I am certain.  I almost feel sorry for him.

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