Insiders tell the truth about: The Schwarzenegger – Shriver Divorce.

Ahhhhh-nuld Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver are calling it quits after a 25 year marriage.  Maria says that she is sick of Arnold’s womanizing and his outrageous ego, and Arnold fears that Maria will shrivel up into a wrinkled Kennedy prune just like her mother Eunice and all her aunts — except Rosemarie who had her brain removed and  was put in a nuthouse by Maria’s grandfather Joe.

“Arnold likes young women but he started to see the Kennedy oldness creeping in on Maria’s face,” said a source close to the couple.

“Arnold was always a little worried about Maria’s elongated cheekbones and he feared that she would get all wrinkled up like her mother Eunice, and to add insult to injury, he was also worried that Maria would live as long as her Aunt Rose who made it to 101.  Arnold believes that he will never die so he didn’t want to be stuck with a wrinkled old witch for the next fifty years.” learned that the couple has been trying to divorce for quite some time but each time they were going to do it, somebody in the Shriver family kicked the bucket.  First her mother Eunice died and then her father Sargent died so that slowed down everything but Maria’s gradual wrinkling and shriveling process.

So, you will read all kinds of stuff, but you get the truth from

Maria’s side of the story is that Arnold is a crazy egomaniac who cares only about screwing chicks and being a celebrity. 

Now that Arnold has finished off California’s economy, the power couple have no reason to stay together.  Also the Schwarzenegger kids were not treated like real Kennedy’s.  They had to follow rules about rape and murder and stupid stuff like that.  Arnold was a tough father and Maria wanted her kids to be able to run around Martha’s Vineyard raping and pillaging without fear of the law.  Arnold put his foot down and demanded that the children be regimented and respectful. 

Both husband and wife refused to talk to TheDamienZone.

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