Jon Bon Jovi — New Jersey property tax scammer?

Jersey Rocker Jon Bon Jovi says he loves New Jersey, but why does he rip off the taxpayers by living in a mansion in a very high property tax New Jersey neighborhood and only pay $200 a year for property tax?  His neighbors with less property and much smaller homes pay close to $50,000 per year.  Well, the buzz is all about bees and loopholes and just plain old being a scum bag!

This guy is one of Jon Bon Jovi’s neighbors and he pays the full retail price on his taxes.  He refuses to be interviewed but we think he’s a stand up guy —> Dave Mattia

Jon Bon Jovi has found a legal loophole and he uses this to scam his fellow New Jerseyans whom he loves so much — he raises honey bees on his property and writes off the place as a farm.  This is not a joke, folks.   Jon Bon Jovi raises bees and gets away without paying a whole lotta tax — next to none actually.

“Jon is a big fake and he always has been,” says a childhood friend who has known Jon since they were kids growing up in the middle class town of Sayreville.

“He used to talk about digging his way out of Sayreville like it was some kind of depressed coal mining town or something.  He was trying to portray some kind of image – and he’s full of shit.  Sayreville is a perfectly normal town.  There’s nothing beaten down or hard-up about our town.  It’s actually a very nice town but the phoniness of Jon started when he talked about how he had to work to get out of this one horse town or whatever the hell he called it.  He’s always been full of shit and full of himself.  Nobody is surprised that he would rather raise bees as a front to avoid taxes that would be like piss in the ocean to him.  He’s a scum bag.”

Well — I couldn’t have said it better myself, and while there is nothing illegal about the honey bee thing, it’s still scummy and low-down.

Seems Jon has one house in Middletown, NJ on the fabulous Navesink River and he pays taxes on that, but he bought the 6.5 acres next door to him to keep anyone from building there, and to avoid the tax bill for that property and the home on it, Jon Bon Jovi raises bees for honey on that property — it’s a typical New Jersey scam.  There is also another fabulous house on the 6.5 acre bee farm that is used for unknown reasons.

“John must need the money to pay for all his plastic surgery and to make up for his failed film career — you know — the one where he has no talent,” continued the anonymous source.  “He also has no talent as a musician either but the tail-gater type people in New Jersey go for him because they’re fucking retarded.”

Anyway, no matter how you look at it, a loophole isn’t really a loophole if it’s legal, but we just think that this honey of a deal is a little skanky and typical of the kinds of opportunities afforded to the wealthy because they have the means to  navigate around these tax laws.  It’s quite certain that John paid a lawyer and an accountant more to figure this out than an average person earns in a year — and therein lies the annoyance.

Jon LOVES  New Jersey — the place out of which he had to climb as though he were Orpheus — what a crock!

37 thoughts on “Jon Bon Jovi — New Jersey property tax scammer?

  1. He pays taxes just like anyone else on his mansion. He bought the adjacent lot so that nobody else could build there and turned that into a bee farm and pays next to no taxes on the vacant lot. So no, he doesn’t pay $200 in taxes for his massive mansion. Owners who own at least five acres, practice some kind of agriculture, or manage the trees on their property and sell $500 worth of goods a year qualify for a significant tax break. They do have to pay the full taxes on their homes, and non-farm property.

  2. There is no “vacant lot” — there is a home on the property, and it’s quite a nice home too. Better than most cause it’s tax free and full of honey and bees.

  3. I would like you to cite your sources or proof that what you say is true, as opposed to Actually…’s

  4. WTF? The story is true and has been copied a zillion from my site by the mainstream press and TV media — except they added more details. I don’t give away sources, you dopey prick. What fucking planet are you from? Don’t write again – and don’t read this website — you’re an idiot!

  5. From other news sources for those that think DDM is out of his mind. Because he’s not, he’s dead right.

    State Senator Jennifer Beck thinks the time may be right to change the law.

    Beck says, “I think it is unfair to our other property taxpayers. If you are a fake farmer, and you don’t legitimately farm, you are getting a property tax break you are forcing your neighbor to pick up your tab. And that was not the intent of the law. It’s violation of the public trust.”

    Bottom line: Bon Jovi is abusing the system just like all the others, and people wonder why the country is broke.

  6. Yes — you got it, Rick. The funny thing is that I always thought he was a scuzz ball just by looking at him. Fug him.


  7. If you read whatever information you got this from thouroughlly, you would have found out that he pays about 286,000 in taxes yearly on his mansion and most of the acres of land it sits on. The extra 6.5 acres that he has for bee keeping is what he gets the tax break on. He also employs bee keepers to mind the farm. He’s also not the only person in that area to take advantage of that tax rule. The Boss, Bruce Springstein does the same thing with horses and has an organic farm on part of his property. Also a bunch of non celebrities around them do this as well. A pharmacist there sells hay in order to get the tax break as well as many others. Before you go tearing other people down, at least get your facts straight. Actually was right. People with more than 5 acres and practice some type of agriculture or manage trees on their property and sell at least $500 worth of goods a year get the tax break. Look up the law.

  8. Before you go tearing me down, Laura, you need to work on your reading comprehension. Every point you made in your attempt to correct my story were points already addressed in the article. Go back and read my piece and then read your letter. Go ahead and read it and then apologize to me. You’ll find I am very forgiving.

    In any event — had you read my article with any degree of reading comprehension, you would have noted that all your angry points were addressed– but no. It was far easier for you to only see the points you wanted to see and accuse me of trying to tear down Jon Bon Jovi. Anyway, your reading skills notwithstanding, you seem to think that it’s okay for wealthy people to skim around the tax laws and use their wealth and influence to cheat.

    “He employs bee keepers.” <---and how does that help the people in his town who have taxes that are 5-6% higher because a large tract of land that should be pumping tax dollars into the community chest is not doing that? If you had a mansion in Utah and your taxes went from $10,000 to $22,000 because a nearby mansion and piece of land that had been previously contributing a lot of tax dollars to your town's treasury was suddenly declared by Siegfried and Roy to be a tiger sanctuary, wouldn't you be angry? Or would you still be one of those celebrity worshippers and say, "Oh Mr. Siegfried, your mansion-tiger sanctuary is so lovely. It's an honor to pay higher taxes just to get to live next door to you?" Would you say that? Springsteen (which you spell as Springstein for some reason) has neighbors who are furious at what he is doing. All the property tax money that is NOT going to the town of Colt's Neck, New Jersey because of Springsteen’s loophole-finding skills has caused the local people to pay HUGE taxes. Yeah, the organic farm thing sounds nice but in the meantime the regular people who own regular homes nearby are being taxed out of their minds because he is skipping out on what should be a sizeable tax bill and passing it on to his middle class neighbors. To add more flavor to your comment, in your divine stupidness, you tell me to look up the law despite the fact that TWICE in the story I mention that what Bon Jovi is doing is NOT illegal. Obviously I know the law and obviously there is merit to my story because a whole lot of news organizations picked up the story from me and ran with it. Learn to read, Laura. I also think you should avoid taxes by starting a reading comprehension school on your property and give it a religious denomination too. You won't have to pay a plugged nickel -- just make sure you don’t teach any classes. Damien

  9. I think it’s funny that your going after someone for being productive. A farming tax break is intended to encourage people to be productive on there property and that is what they are doing. The business also pays taxes and brings in sales taxes for the area. Sounds to me like the childhood friend is a little bitter. If Jon wanted out and found his way out. I would think if Jon was such a jerk the childhood friend would be glad he left.

  10. Larry — this is a totally idiotic response, and let me tell you why. What is productive about making a few jars of honey? How does that enrich anyone’s life? What amount of sales tax do you think his annual haul of 600 pounds of honey brings in? What commerce or industry is sustained by this honey scam? Answer — next to none. If, however, that patch of property next door to Bon Jovi was doing its fair share of contributing to the community chest, it would add over $200,000 per year to the community chest — but since that land has become a “honey farm” that money is lost. Do you think that the city fathers are happy about this charade? Do you think that Bon Jovi’s neighbors are happy about it? Of course they’re not and to prove it they have concocted elaborate scams of their own. Meanwhile, somebody has to pay taxes so the load gets shifted to another part of town and the tax burden of that lost honey money gets passed onto lower income people. That’s how it works. If you don’t believe me, go ask the people in Colt’s Neck, New Jersey who want to hang Springsteen up by the nuts because his non-taxable “organic farm” makes their property tax go up 40% — and they are NOT wealthy people. They can’t afford to do the legal wrangling to work these scams. Don’t believe me — Google it and make youself less of an idiot.

    As far as childhood friends go, several from his neighborhood have issued similar statements about him for the past 20 years. If you want to stick your head up Bon Jovi’s ass and thank him for his jars of honey, good for you, but when your tax bill goes up 20-30-40% just because some tax scammer moves next door to you and opens a “llama farm” that consists of two stinky llamas (another NJ tax scam) send me a note and tell me you’re sorry for being so frigging dumb!

    Your remark that his honey generates sales tax was especially funny and dopey for two reasons. There is no money generated and in NJ there is no tax on food. Honey is food no matter what you do with it — if you catch my drift.


  11. Hey uhh What’s with the name calling? Did I call you an idiot? Have I called you dumb? NO!!! If he is employing people there are taxes being taken out and are spending that money on item’s that are taxable. Being rich is not a bad thing like you are trying to make it out to be. They are paying a lot in taxes as a whole. If they are creating jobs and producing something what’s wrong with that? By the way I didn’t see any facts on how much honey is being produced. For all I know you could be pulling that out of thin air. My guess is that his little bee farm generates more revenue than this pathetic site..<— My way of calling you and idiot and dumb-if you catch MY drift.

  12. Honey — 600 pounds a year. No state tax on Food in NJ — tax money generated in any way by bee farm is nil or next to nil — that is all. As far as this pathetic site goes, you don’t know what else I might be doing? Maybe I’m a famous writer — maybe I’m an award winning journalist? Maybe I’m a prominent young doctor and a journalist– you never know.

    I know that there’s nothing wrong with being rich — I grew up very well — but my father would never pull a honey-farm stunt. He’d be too humiliated and much too mannered to try anything like that. He didn’t even sue the drunk driver who wrecked his car and put him in the hospital for seven weeks — that’s the stuff I am made of.

    What you fail to note is that my piece about Jon was picked up by the major media who ran with it and did more in depth investigating to push it along — I must have hit a media nerve. I call people names when they annoy me because it’s fun — unless you hadn’t noticed the absurdity inherent to much of my pathetic website.

    Larry — I apppreciate that you comment. If you require no name calling to keep commenting, I will not call you names. I respect my readers — especially those who comment, but sometimes I just feel like calling them names. Last week I was accused of being insenstive towards transgendered people which was totally untrue and only served to prove that the commentor had not actually read the piece. So I felt compelled to tell her to go fuck herself — you would too. I don’t know – maybe you’re all prim and proper but I’m tired of all that — you know?


  13. Dear.. lol Even without food tax there are still taxes being made. You very well could be all of those things you have stated. You might also be a mean, bitter, flunky, that runs this out of your parents basement. My point is that you took a little bit of info you found. Talked to a “childhood friend” or two. But I didn’t see in the article where you were fair. By contacting Mr. Jovi or a worker or two he employs. Or to find out if the proceeds go to charity etc. I’m happy for you that your article made major media. This is also clearly an attack piece and we know how much major media likes attack pieces. lol It is an informative article. Keep up the good work.

  14. My parents don’t have a basement and if you read some of my more serious stuff, you might get the idea that I’m an actual writer. The “parents basement” thing is almost as played out as the “on your meds” rip cord.

  15. You are a pretty good writer. I just started to read a few of your articles. I do agree those comments are played out. That’s the way I felt about “idiot” and “dumb” thing’s too. Anyway, I hope you have continued success.

  16. The problem here isn’t that he has a bee keeping farm. That is great, it helps the climate and produces something.
    The problem with the likes of Bon Jovi and Sprinstein is that they have gone on record with the left nut liberals like Obama, Piglosi, Kerry and Buffett by saying the Rich DO NOT PAY ENOUGH IN TAXES.
    Meanwhile they, themselves, finds ways to get around paying more in taxes! Its the Liberal way, do as I say, not as I do mentality.
    Remember Kerry’s new Yacht that he tried to dock in another state to avoid Mass. Taxes?????

  17. When guys like Springsteen and Bon Jovi scam their way into a legal way to not pay taxes on a large parcel of land in a small municipality, that missing tax money gets passed on to the other home ownrers — and they don’t care. Bon Jovi’s bee farm produces 600 pounds of honey a year — that’s about 50 cases of honey — essentially nothing — enough for a roadside stand that caters to old people on a Sunday drive.


  18. Some of you making comments defending this action are trying to justify what Bon Jovi is doing? $100 dollars property taxes for 6.5 acres of vacant land. There are about 40,000 sq ft in an acre. So Bon Jovi has about 260,000 sq ft of vacant land. I am paying $3800 in property taxes for a 66ft x 120ft vacant lot in a less affluent neighborhood. That is about 8000 sq ft. So Bon Jovi should be paying at least $123,500 of property taxes on his vacant land. That is tip money for Bon Jovi. Another rich Democrat liberal cheating on his taxes. Even though it i legal, he is not paying his fair share is he? I am just wondering how Bon Jovi got a zoning change they would allow him to raise bees in an neighborhood like his?

  19. Exactly, Tony — If these liberal assholes had to live in the part of the county that picks up that slack in the treasury, they wouldn’t be so lovey-dovey about this jerk-off — Springsteen too. Somebody who makes 70,000 a year is paying 12% more in property taxes because everybody in Bon-Jovi’s neighborhood has figured out a way to scam their way out of it — and fuck the “charity” shit. He donates to charity to avoid taxes. Charity begins at home Jon — maybe you should send a little charity to the other people living near you by paying your fucking taxes and stop pretending that you’re a fuckimg bee keeper — I would be humiliated to try to pull this scam — but he is beneath shame. Fuck him and his bees.


  20. DDM-Your article is fine and well written; as, are your responses. Take the high road and ignore these idiots. You can’t change the minds of simpletons.
    ‘ WHHHHAAATTTT, JBJ and Springsteen using tax loopholes, no fucking way. They are above all of that; they are celebrities who are fabulous and give back. Their shit doesn’t stink. Seriously, I have smelled it and it smells awesome! No fucking way that this could all be true. And, your sources must also be telling you that the President of the USA is of a mixed race… can that bee?!”

    It’s called, denial, and most of America is in it. Don’t waste your fine penmenship on these morons! Just saying!

  21. I am amazed at the people defending what these celebrities are doing. They are screwing the average citizen, while making millions. Are these the same people that supported OWS? Where is the outrage? Why are celebrities being defended? Farmers my ass. They should pay more since they have been screwing the people that made them famous.

  22. OK, well fuck this, there’s something that I’m pissed off about and I have to get it off my digital chest…

    I’m fucking pissed that I did not come across this site a long time ago. It’s about good and god damned time that someone like Damien actually expects adults to fucking act like adults-to READ and do their DUE DILIGENCE. That being, since they CLEARLY can’t think critically or connect dots anymore.

    Really, Damien, THANK YOU. I can’t tell you how fucking nice it is to FINALLY come across someone who articulates FACTS and presents them in a coherent & well thought-out capacity and on top of that, actually addresses topics in each post PROPERLY and then addresses those who STILL choose not to read & research, as the morons and fools that they are, with sarcasm & appropriate name-calling.

    I’m the EXACT SAME WAY, and I’m quick as hell, so oftentimes it’s met with resistance from said idiots.

    Thanks man, really, I mean it. Pure gold here, on this site.

  23. Thank you Brian — you probably represent less than 1% of the human population because you totally understand the true meaning of stupidity and dumbness and the frustration and drain that it takes away from the quality of life for so many of us — but it’s the greatest mental gift to have.

    Thank you for your kind words
    Damien LeGalliene
    Brussels, Belgium

  24. Damien,

    I agree, and I know all too well what the mental minutia of the moronic masses does to the quality of life for all. It’s a compounding pounding, both figuratively and literally, as an idiots ideas brought to fruition and enacted in life, is the death of many, yet the idiot fails to recognize, and therefore never “sees” it, themselves.

    I deal with this all of the time when it comes to articles about Freedom, Liberty, the Constitution and case law/Supreme Court precedent, and even more menial everyday life topics. I will literally quote, verbatim, what was handed down, and people still can’t comprehend it, therefore they can never even begin to connect the dots.

    Smashing the moronic, pre-conceived paradigm of indoctrination seems to be the toughest to break these slaves out of.

    And ultimately, as I said when I was a young teen, I truly believe that THIS very thing will ultimately be the demise of our species. I say that while laughing, but really believing it.

    No wonder your’e not dumbed down, you don’t live in America! I need to GTFO! HAHA

    Cheers to you!

  25. Yes, he took a taxpaying home off the roles when he bought the 6.5 acres. Also his home has no address on Google earth/Zillow, how did he manage that? His “Soul Kitchen” charity gave rise to his father’s pasta sauce company, seems angling, taking advantage, and working the system run in the family. My sauce is better, I need a charity to launch it from! Next concert I’m getting front row seats and dressing in a bee costume, ….if someone buys my ticket!!!!…BTW his neighbors up the road have three cows walking around to run the farm scam and across the street they have a fake vineyard…..

  26. Bon Jovi is a scam doubt…guys always on tour while his daughter
    is overdosing on heroin..great dad!..his wife is in it for the money too…
    she has to be to deal with him banging groupies and bringing home herpes.

  27. Wow I am totally amazed at the intelligence of people in general.
    Either blinded by religion or simply starstruck, meaning that the people or stars, whether it be an actor, actress, musician or sports star, that they can never do any wrong.
    If they are accused of rape, drugs, a scandal or tax evasion ,people in general, because they really are absolutely fascinated by there super stars live a life blinded by greed, stardom and the fact that there super heroes can do no wrong, even when presented with absolute facts.
    Like they say, humanity was a great idea, its just the people that completely suck. LOL!!!!
    Merry Christmas or because we can’t even say that anymore HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!

  28. We have met the beekeepers and this article is utter bullshit.
    Stinks of jealousy.

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