Celebrity Deaths Come In Three – Zsa Zsa fears she is the third.

It is mathematically noted that celebrity deaths happen in threes, and now with the death of Geraldine Ferraro and Elizabeth Taylor, ailing Zsa Zsa Gabor fears that she will be the third celebrity to die and fulfill the triad.Zsa Zsa has been living in a state of near-death for nearly a year and she wants to continue to do so as long as it gets her and her husband some publicity. 

Her husband, Prince Ferederic VonAnahlt is milking this for all it’s worth — hope he goes first but that wouldn’t fulfill the dead-threesome theory since he is not a celebrity, he is just an old, attention-starved weirdo who can’t face the fact that he is not only NOT A PRINCE — he’s also a complete nobody.

UPDATE!!!! ZSA ZSA SPARED BY ANOTHER CELEBRITY DEATH: click link beneath photo of Zsa Zsa for details:  https://thedamienzone.com/2011/03/31/farley-granger-dies-was-gay-not-bisexual/

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