Kirstie Allie Farts on Dancing With The Stars.

Kirstie Alley may have been a hit on Dancing With The Stars but she didn’t score any points with the crew members and people close to the stage when she farted about seven times during her dance routine.

“She was so humiliated but she kept dancing like a trouper,” said stagehand Jean Octavio who works on the lighting for Dancing With The Stars.

“She told me before the show started that she had been gassy and bloated and that she feared she might get diarrhea, but she took some Pepto Bismol a half hour before the show.  That probably kept her from shitting all over herself and the dance floor, but she let out a lot of wind when she spun around the first time and then she let out about five or six audible farts that the sound man had to edit out of the soundtrack.  She spun and — well let’s just say that Kirstie put the PU in SPUN.  If you watch carefully, about twenty-five seconds into her routine, her partner makes a strange face and moves his head back and grimaces.  It’s obvious that he smelled the farts.”

This is not the fist time that Kirstie has battled farts.  It was reported to TheDamienZone that on the set of Cheers she often had to excuse herself so that she could go to the bathroom and fart.

“She used to run off to the little bathroom we had behind the set for the crew and she would fart so loud  that it was like she was standing next to you,” said a source close to Ted Danson and the rest of the cast.

“We used to joke with Kirstie and tell her that she might just as well stay on the set and fart because we actually could hear it louder through the backstage hallway.  She used to get shy about it but she said that if she farted in public she might poop in her pants and we kind of appreciated that and understood her situation.”

Producers on Dancing With The Stars have hired an on-set physician who specializes in stage fright and natural bodily functions.

“I was hired to try to quell Kirstie’s tendency to fart while performing,” said Dr. Sheldon Hartunis, a Beverly Hills gastroenterologist.  “I am not normally able to speak about these things because of patient-doctor confidentiality laws, but Kirstie insisted that I let the public know that she has a problem and she is facing it with bravery and courage. “

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