Japan Nuclear lies!

They were sneaky liars in 1941 and they are sneaky liars now.  they care only about exteriors — that’s why Tokyo is still standing.  They built their nuclear plants like shit.  What’s going on at the nuke plants in Tokyo will make Chernobyl look like a chest x-ray.

The Japanese suddenly have no news organizations who speak English — everything comes to us through mealy-mouthed translators who spew lies about what’s really goin on at the power plants.  They use gentle language to smooth over what is really happening.  They are covering up the truth worse than the Soviets did with Chernobyl.

The trouble with Japan is that it is made in Japan and we all know that means its cheap and shabby.

A meltdown at these nuke plants will destroy Hawaii — but the Japanese wil pretend it ain’t happening.

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