Snooki’s Vegas Bikini and Fat Ass!

I don’t know how she got out of Tokyo alive, but suddenly Snooki is in Las Vegas having a big old party — but there is something wrong — very wrong.

Snooki was partying poolside with some other fat tub of lard chick and Snooki’s bikini was tucked up inside the crack of her ass.  The flab was hanging out and there was evidence of a disease caused by obesity and excess alcohol.

If you look carefull at the seat of Snooki’s behind and the cheeks of her buttocks you will see a darkening or a darker pigmentation.  This is called hyperpigmentation and when it is found in the folds of the body like that, it can be a sign of insulin resistance and obesity.

Syndrome X is a medical condition where the body makes improper use of the natural body hormone cortisol.  Fat accumulates around the middle of the body but the arms and legs stay disproportionately thin.  In a gilr Snooki’s age this is from drinking too much alcohol, not getting enough rest and eating too much.  It’s also a sign of what she will look like in 10 – 20 years.

“Snooki shows the ashy coloring of hyperpigmenation.  If that gets worse and the darker skin becomes velvety, the condition is called Acanthosis Nigracans — and that could mean diabetes or worse,” said a doctor of internal medicine who refused to be identified.

Lay off the booze and the food Snooki — you are shaped like somebody who will have a heart attack!

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