Dog The Bounty Hunter nationality revealed !!

Dog The Bounty Hunter has always tried to play off that he is some kind of American Indian, but it was recently discovered by Imaginary Investigators and Life Partners Agency and owners Benjamin Switchy and Sheldon Hartunis, that the Dog is really just a Polish guy with a little Ukrainian thrown in for good measure.

Here is a link to a list of Dog The Bounty Hunters most recent ancestors.  Dog’s family Tree Website.

“Dogs grandfather, Miraslav Pliwa, came to the USA in 1919 as a teenager and settled with his sister Ludmilla in the small town of Newkirk, Texas, ” Said Switchy from his vacation office in Aruba.  ”

“The brother and sister ran  errands for the local hangman and bailbond agency which was located near the train station.   How they ended up in the middle of Texas when  the rest of the family was in New York happened when Ludmilla mistook the train for Jersey City with a train that was going to Houston.  Throughout the three-day trip the conductors just assumed that they were somebody’s kids and they never were noticed.”

Later in life, according to sources close to the investigation, Ludmilla started selling Indian hand-rolled cigars and since she wore Indian garb as a gimmick, it was assumed that she was an Indian.  By this time she was married to a local Jewish undertaker and had two children.  Her brother Miraslav (Dog’s grandaddy) had married a Ukrainian stunt rider named Oliva Baronskova.  She was very popular  on the rodeo circuit as a billed as “The Krazy Kowgirl from Kiev” — she helped Ludmilla sell the American Indian souvenirs and cigars and the two familes eventually had enough money to move on to California where they all got into the bail bond business.

“Ludmilla, was Dog’s great aunt and she invented the no-gun leather belt,” continued Switchy.  “It’s just like the leather belt that Dog wears but it has no gun.  It has all kinds of gadgets on it and you would swear that there is a gun, but there is no gun.   Ludmilla was the first to think of this because her employees could not carry guns but she wanted to make it look as though they could.

“By the time she was in her fifties, Ludmilla was totally ingrained in American Indian culture and told everyone that she was a Cherokee and Seminole, but she was really just a Polish lady from a small town near the Ukrainian border just prior to the Bolshevik revolution.”

So now you know the real ancestry and why dog dresses like he has American Indian in him. He acquired that from his great Aunt Ludmilla who died in 1980 at the age of 96.

11 thoughts on “Dog The Bounty Hunter nationality revealed !!

  1. hey damien…just to let you know, we’ve been reprinting some of your stories on our site…linking back to your site…so let me know if that’s cool with you!

  2. i finished drawing Dog the Bounty ‘s portrait today it took me 8 hours to do it. I don’t who would tell him I drew his picture.

  3. I really would love to go to Dogs office and Bounty Hunt for just a day ir rwo and see for myself if DOG is as BAD as he acrs.Cause i no i can walk the walk and ralk the talk wirhout always sending my KUDS IN FRONT OF ME.

  4. Just heard rumors about DOG being racist.Wow Like i said i would love to show him &Beth how people can be mislead about all of the familys so called trye stories when i see myself how IMATURE RUDE AND TWOFACE BETH ACRS LIKE ON REALITY TV.DID SHE DORGET WERE SHE CAME. FROM.LOVE TO HANG OUT WITH THE DIG AND DAMILY AND SHOW THEM SOLID AND REAL WAY TO TREAT PEOPLE AND STILL BE..NOT ACT.

  5. Hi my name is red crow and I am a true Native American Dog the Bounty Hunter is a phony as a person just like his wife my reservation is in San Diego County pamua Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife are funny he thinks in the swears he is named American he’s not he’s a Polak I am proud of being an American from the United States what Indian do you know has blonde hair and blue eyes and his kids are white none so that’s why he’s he’s not Native American. And his wife died his hair like him so they are funny that’s all I have to say number one proud American Indian redcrow.

  6. Chapman swears he had 1/2 Native American. I always heard him tell his convicts that. I just found out he’s totally white. Just because he wears Native Attire, doesn’t even make a pimple on a Native American Ass. What a Fking liar & phoney?. I stopped watching the show years ago. He & Beth have a business in EdgeWater, Colo. I never see it open for business. Pure Stupidity!

  7. I’ve never liked that guy from day one. The way he does his little prayers before he goes on a hunt and then when it when he catches the bad guy he’s calling the dude a GD bastard a gdmfa and all that taking the lord’s name in vain right after he just prayed that was totally offensive but the biggest thing is he’s a liar about his native American ancestry. I’m Cherokee indian, very little but I have some on both my mother and father side so for him to run around with his dress that he wears makes me sick and the fact that he wears him high heel boots just a little bastard only 5’7 and he acts like he’s 10 ft tall . I don’t like him, never will I hope you don’t pop back up on TV cuz he disgust me and if he reads this he has my email he can contact me cuz I think he’s a POS who got real lucky that’s it I hope karma catches up to him one day cuz he’s in for a world of hurt

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