FBI Witch Hunt is a good thing.

The FBI is compiling lists of Americans that they deem as a potential threat, due to the fact that they have criticized their representative and starting to target them with home visits, according to the TheDamienZone.com

Bravo for the FBI — it’s about time these misfits and terrorist enablers got a visit from their local feds.   we are overdue for a crackdown on these psychotics who need to be put on a boat and sent to Antarctica.

Of course the usual cast of misfits are protesting and banging their heads against the wall, but if you ain’t done nothing, you ain’t got nothing to fear. 

So many “help” organizations actually funnel money to terrorist  groups — especially in the Midwest — and they have been getting away with it for years. 

Almost all activist groups in the anti-war side of the street are up to no good in one way or another and for that reason the FBI has finally decided that some teachers, professors and do-gooders must be held accountable for where they get their money and also for where their money goes.

Of course in Chicago when the FBI seized somebody’s storage, there were cries that the FBI had stolen valuable and historical documents that had been touched by Martin Luther King and Malcolm X — what a crock.

TheDamienZone hopes the FBI arrests all the barefoot hippie-wanna-be’s.  LOSERS!  The kind of misfits that shot Rep. Gabriella Giffords.

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