Don’t run around worrying about your “new” astrological sign because the recent “earth wobbles” calculations by Parke Kunkle have been called a scam by a leading Professor of Meta-Physics — a scam intended to rake in millions of dollars for new astrology books because all of the old ones will be deemed obsolete.

Changing the astrological signs will create a new market that will open widely for a whole new selection of books.   Millions upon millions of new books and other paraphernalia can be forced upon an unsuspecting public.

“It is very much like when the Soviet Union fell and all these new and old countries appeared or reappeared on the new map of Europe,” said professor  Harley Grushnesh, of the University of Khartoum. 

 “There was a mass movement to buy all this new geographical information when the Soviet Union collapsed.  Billions were spent making new maps, books, flags and what have you. 

“This is a scam that Kunkle has tried before to inflict upon the people of the world but this time he has book publishers behind him.   The sale of books is at an all time low so the easiest nut to crack would be in the world of astrology and the metaphysical sciences. 

This is why you see an influx of new UFO and Loch Ness Monster stories every 6 or 7 years.  The old  stories are tired and played out and book sales about these things are dead.  The books simply stop selling, so a new investigator comes along and starts a new movement that snowballs into millions and millions of book, TV, Radio and motion picture deals.  It’s actually quite nasty and sneaky.”


  1. fact remains that ophiuchus has been used as an official zodiac/horoscope sign in japan for the past 10 years. so what does that tell you? that horoscopes are cultural and not scientific. so fuck you and your fucking country. oh and your blog is lame.

  2. Yes, and while the west has become enlightened enough to stop butchering whales, you folks in Chow Kit have nothing to do with Japan. Sod off, you stupid fukker!

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