Daniel Hernandez saves Giffords — how fabulous.

I know he tried to help Gabby and all, but he looks like a walrus and he sounds so queenie — and when he didn’t want to stand up when President Obama called him out, so to speak, he looked very overly dramatic.  For a second there I thought he was going to call himself, Mrs. Norman Maine <—— look that up.

Yes, so he held Gabriella Gifford’s head and stemmed the bleeding — good for her, and good for Rep Giffords too.  This is a great moment for gay heroes the world over — but why does he have to look like a walrus? 

I know not everybody is beautiful, but this was the great chance for “the gays” to trot out a real Dudley DooRight and what they wound up with was a Tejano version of Victor Buono.

Daniel did leave us with one cliff hanger, just like the ones they used to have on Dynasty and Knots Landing.  He said in an interview,  “A bullet can’t stop Gabby and can’t stop democracy. We need to make sure, going forward, the discourse in the country is just.”  <—just what?  He didn’t finish saying the sentence so I will say it for him.  Ahem…the discourse in this country is just fabulous.   Okay, mystery solved.

The whole Tucson thing was really corny anyway,  so it’s only fitting that they wound up with a less than fabulous queen.

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