Virgin Mobile — better than Verizon Wireless Sucks.

This is NOT an AD — it’s what we know to be true.

Virgin Mobile cell phone service is better, cheaper and cooler than Verizon Wireless and you are not tied down by any plans. 

Simply put, Verizon Wireless, once the great cell phone company of the world, sucks big time now and treats its customers the way AT&T did before they nearly went out of business because of ineptitude and arrogance. has gone through all the literature and our conclusion is that for a tiny bit more than half the price and one tenth the hassle, you can have better phone service with Virgin Mobile.  It’s no wonder Verizon was so generous with us folks who had a contract run out last year — they knew that as soon as we saw what Virgin had to offer, we would dump Verizon in a second.   Now we here at are stuck with Verizon for another 16 months or until somebody bails us out of our shit contract with our shit phones  that never work and have shit service.   SCREW YOU, VERIZON WIRELESS — Here is a link to Virgin Mobile — this is not an ad or a commercial — we make no money off of showing you this.

2 thoughts on “Virgin Mobile — better than Verizon Wireless Sucks.

  1. Your right! Many of my friends say i should change to Verizon but i know for a fact that i want Virgin Mobile. I told them over and over again that VM doesnt have plans that tie you down, they have better service, and they look better! A friend told me that Verizon charges her extra because i sent her picture messages, and now they charge her $20 for everytime i send her a picture message, its a rip-off!

  2. I am with Virgin mobile and spend litterally hundreds of dollars every month. They charge me 35 cents a minute for ‘toll free’ calls too.
    They are way pricier than their ads would have you believe, their website is deceptive and poorly designed and I regret the time I wasted using them.
    Am switching to Koodo, which has a 45 dollar a month plan for unlimited calling anywhere in Canada, plus ten bucks for voicemail and unlimited texting and something else.
    Could not recommend Virgin to anyone – save your money and try someone else.

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