10-year-old girl finds Super Nova. (Supernova)

While other stupid kids were busy playing with their hand-held games and listening to rap music and the excruciating sounds of knock-kneed Lady Gaga, a 10-year-old Canadian girl has become the youngest person in the world to find a supernova, the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada has confirmed.

Kathryn Gray was studying images taken at an amateur observatory when she spotted the magnitude 17 supernova in the galaxy UGC 3378, in the constellation of Camelopardalis.

Her father, Paul Gray – also a keen amateur astronomer – helped her confirm the find by taking steps to rule out asteroids and checking the list of current known supernovas.

She told CBC’s Connect with Mark Kelley how she made the discovery, and that she hoped to find more in the future.  TheDamienZone.com knows that this girl will grow up to be somebody and not some dopey teenage creep who gets hit by a train while texting her friend about Lady Gaga and smoking pot.

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