Anne Francis Dies At 80 — Survived By Her Mole.

Just as TCM was airing the 1950s SciFi Classic, “Forbidden Planet”,  the star of that movie, Anne Francis, died.

“She waited until she could see the picture on TV one more time,” said costar Robbie The Robot who can’t die because he is made of metal.  “She couldn’t deal with the death of her costar Leslie Nielson.”

“Even though Anne is dead,” comtinued Robbie, “her mole did not die and will continue to live as normally as possible.  Some psychotic people found that mole of hers to be sexy but it just made me sick.  I wanted to zap it with 50,000 volts, but Walter Pidgeon stopped me — asshole!”                         

Anne’s mole was almost as fmous as she was, and now it has to live life alone.

“I guess I will have to get used to not moving around as much as I used to,” said the mole.  “I don’t know how long moles usually survive when the person who grew the mole has passed on, but I’ll make the most of it. 

“I have already found a group called “Moles Without Motion” and next week they are planning to have a single’s dance for  “Freckles Without Faces” so maybe I’ll meet a rich birthmark or a port wine stain with a great sense of humor.  You never know.”

2 thoughts on “Anne Francis Dies At 80 — Survived By Her Mole.

  1. She always had a mole – maybe in one movie they hid it with makeup and lighting — HER MOLE WAS THERE!!!! THE MOLE WAS THERE!!!

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