Spanish word in Vonage commercial: “…big turkey and the big _______.” What ?

This commercial for Vonage has been driving people nuts because nobody knows what the hell the woman is talking about.   But, in the interest of helping non Spanish people feel at home while dining with Dora The Explorer  the answer is —

Pernil.  It’s a Caribbean dish of roasted pork shoulder that’s popular in Puerto Rico.

pernilA good spice rub transforms the plain-sounding pork shoulder into pernil, a tender Puerto Rican roast that cooks for a whole afternoon. When it’s done the rich and spicy skin crackles, the smoky meat falls off the bone, and the fat and juices mix with the excess spices to make a sinfully delicious gravy. And your house will smell like heaven all day while it cooks but your neighbors will puke because it stinks like rotted pigs.

The big PERNIL!!!!  Who cares!

103 thoughts on “Spanish word in Vonage commercial: “…big turkey and the big _______.” What ?

  1. These stupid commercials are definitely targeted to minorites from latin america, the mid-east and afro-amricans. Want to find out just how great Vonage is?? Go to any web site and enter “Vonage fraud” and read the results.

    Anyone notice the little script under the screen that declares “a potential TV appearance was offered in exchange for this testimonial”??? . Apparently that means that Vonage did not even pay these jerks.

  2. They are are all struggling actors who will say anything in favor of Vonage in exchange to get a little TV exposure.

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