Experts believe, “Black bear shot in Woodbridge, NJ may have been planted there by hunters.”

A 300 pound black bear was shot and killed last week by a local policeman when it  charged an officer at a park in Woodbridge, New Jersey.  At first authorities believed the bear had come from the neighboring town of Clark, but new evidence suggests that an individual or individuals may  have planted the bear there in order to ensure that NJ Governor Chris Christie did not cancel or limit the hunt.   The bear had never before been seen or reported and some zoologists and naturalists are suspicious of the bear’s origins.

“A black bear of that size could not have matured in that urban area nor could it have ventured there without having been seen hundreds of times.” said an unidentified zoologist from nearby Watchung, NJ. 

“Woodbridge and Clark are sprawling suburban cities that are surround on all sides by major highways and roads.  In order for a bear to grow to that size it would have had to raid garbage cans and gardens for over a year, and in a town like Woodbridge, the bear would have been seen by many, many people.  A bear that size would be an 800 pound gorilla in a room.  Also, the fact that it reacted in anger makes one more suspicious that the bear might have been handled or mishandled by humans in the days prior to its appearance and subsequent death.”

“For it to have venture from elsewhere to Woodbridge unnoticed would be utterly impossible,”   continued the zoologist. 

“The area is surrounded by thousands of businesses;  including car dealerships, furniture stores, restaurants and homes.  The area is also surrounded by highways. There is no wooded area for such a bear to live life as a wild bear so it would have had to be pretty much out in the open all the time — which it was not.  The sudden appearance of the bear and the urgent response by the police after a call from locals leads many in the zoological field to believe that the bear may have been captured elsewhere and planted there by hunters or hunting enthusiasts as a means to prevent Governor Christie from calling off the hunt.”

A New Jersey veterinarian and wildlife ecologist seems to agree.

“A black bear of that size does not just suddenly appear in a populated urban and industrial area,”  said Dr. Rashneesh-Rah Mindipple of Vineland, NJ. 

 “Also, for the bear to charge a police officer is highly unusual and would indicate the kind of behavior one sees in a bear who has been recently taunted or captured or both.  If the bear had been simply taunted by locals, the bear would have been reported, but it wasn’t and this leads myself and many others to believe that the bear was intentionally brought to that park and planted in one of the busiest areas of New Jersey — an area where a black bear could neither venture unseen nor choose to live.  Despite their bumbling gait and ungainly stride, they are very intelligent animals.  The size and temperment of this bear suggests that it was from northwestern New Jersey or parts due west heading towards Pennsylvania.”

“There will be an investigation into this and I am not sure what the penalty would be for this kind of crime, but it is certainly a serious one since it endangered the life of a brave police officer.  Woodbridge has a top-notch police force and these men do not shoot their guns for mere sport.  That bear was angry which would be understandable if it had been captured and released in a strange place, but no evidence supports the seemingly complacent argument that the bear was just a wondering rogue.  Something is very suspicious.  It would be like finding a 20-pound dog had been living in your home for a year and yet you never saw it or any evidence that it was there.  The thought of such a thing is silly.”

Investigators from the Wildlife-Urban Cryptozoologica Task Force in Dobb’s Ferry, NY  say they are coming to NJ to investigate.

24 thoughts on “Experts believe, “Black bear shot in Woodbridge, NJ may have been planted there by hunters.”

  1. Why am I not at all surprised or even shocked to learn about the involvement of hunters in dirty dealings just to ensure being able to continue killing trophy bears?
    It’s a great gesture to try finding the perpetrators, but I can’t imagine how far they will go to actually succeed.
    In the meantime, bears in NJ are being massacred daily by the hundreds by bloodthirsty trophy and thrill-seekers. The hunt was not justified, black bears are not dangerous to the public. If only garbage and feeding regsulations had been taught and enforced, this lame excuse for killing couldn’t have been used.
    This was an outrageous and dangerous stunt, for both man and beast!

  2. Based on this highly suspect bear incident, how do we know that the so-called “numerous” bear complaints to the DEP had not been manufactured?
    It seems that hunters would do “anything” to support their claims about dangerous bear, supported Christie’s campaign, expecting payback because they felt cheated by Corzine’s bear hunting ban!

  3. Yes, if it were true, it would surely be a very dangerous thing to do. We must wait until Sheldon Hartunis and Ben Switchy continue their investigation, but without the bear carcass, it will be a tough thing to prove — unless of course somebody spills the beans.

  4. Judging from the bear’s behavior, he obviously didn’t belong in that area. I don’t doubt the veracity. The question is, how did it get there? It is more than outlandish to think that anyone would go to such extremes and thereby exposing residents to possible danger.
    I’d be very interested to know what will happen to the perpetrators when they are found – a slap on the wrist?

  5. The dirty little secret is that bears are not dangerous. The NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife is the only entity with the capability to move bears throughout the state unnoticed. We believed this to be the second such bear moved to Woodbridge. The first one was transported to Assunpink Wildlife Management Area – instead of being brought back to northern NJ.

    Former DEP Commissioner Mauriello vindicated the protesters when he spoke with Brian Thompson at NBC News:

    This website was sent to me from a friend. I don’t know if the above article is suppose to be a joke. Or if the vet or zoologist group is real or not, but the massacre of our majestic black bears is certainly real and not very funny.

    Come to Whittingham Wildlife Management Area on Saturday, December 11, 2010, 12 to 2 pm to protest. Details here:

  6. Angi Metler writes:>>>I don’t know if the above article is suppose to be a joke. Or if the vet or zoologist group is real or not, but the massacre of our majestic black bears is certainly real and not very funny>>

    Angi, if the end justifies the means, than I will have done my job, right?

    Also, the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife is not the only entity with the means to move a bear unnoticed. Anybody could have done something like that. It’s not a specialized process. Don’t go all conspiracy theory on me.

  7. This is just further proof of the lack of intelligence, compassion, and humanity of those who do not grant animals the respect they deserve. They are the lowest form of life.


  9. Yes, Jean. The New Jersey hunter is indeed a weekend warrior. All they are killing, according to Dr. Switchy, are small and weak inbred bears. In reality the hunt is creating monster bears because the local bears will flee west and breed with better stock — read the latest post about the bears. You have to click on the UFO at the top of the page and it might be the first thing you see. Thank you so much for your passion. Your’s truly, Damien

  10. If this is proven to be true, ALL NJites should be outraged. What is wrong with Gov. Christie and why hasn’t he called off this hunt? Believe me, they know about this atrocity across the nation. There are more than a few sickos prowling the woods and they are more dangerous than bears ever could be!

  11. Anyone who can go out in the woods and cowardly kill defenseless animals are unscrupulous enough to do or say anything if they bloodthirsty pastime is under threat. I do hope that sooner rather than late, the people of NJ and other states will join the third Millennium and reject these neanderthals in their areas.

  12. I’m 16 years old, and to think that a bunch of grown men and women could be so excited about killing bears sounds almost too childish to me and my friends. We’d like to know how these cowardly morons get the bears out of their hibernating dens? Are they chased/smoked out, only to be murdered while stumbling around, all sleepy and groggy? Is that how these macho men and women prove their bravery jusyt to brag about who got the biggest trophy for their basements? Shame on NJ, shame on Governor Christie – he has blood on his hands as surely as if he had killed bear himself (who knows, maybe he does?). We saw pictures of the dead bears and those that killed them – they sure don’t represent me and my friends – they look like a bunch of wild, fat, sloppy hoodlums whom we wouldn’t want to meet in the woods(or in an alley). Are those real human beings or just the dregs of the dregs?

  13. Tobey, they are people who grew up with the wrong set of values instilled in them by backwards and uneducated parents. A smart kid who is interested in wildlife studies will go on to college and study bears or bear management, whereas a person with less intelligence or initiative, will get a job at a gas station after high school and then go hunting to vent off the anger they harbor at their own misbegotten life. — And it all kinda starts with paintball believe it or not. Thank you for reading. You’re a very insightful 16-year-old.

    Good luck and keep reading

  14. I almost agree with you Marc C., but in Palin’s case there is some method to the madness. Many Alaskans are dependant on hunting to sustain themselves, and although Palin needs to do nothing more than call up a Whole Foods to have her refrigerator stuffed via helicopter, she does not fall into the same category as the lunatics in New Jersey who call themselves hunters. The New Jersey hunter is a unique species of idiot.

    Thank you for reading TheDamienZone.

  15. This is disgusting. It makes me sick to read how people cab be so cruel to animals. God placed them here for a reason, not to be abused.

  16. I suggest the FBI find the person or person responsible for this and charge them with cruelty to animals, endangering humans, & what ever else they can charge them with. A serious crime has been committed here.

  17. This disgusts me to no end! This hunt was NOT based on sound science-only kowtowing to the trophy hunting industry & lies!

  18. You should try living in an area which was free of bears, where it was safe for small children to play in the backyard, and is now unsafe because the PETA-hippies at Fish and Wildlife have decided to infest the area with bears, before you condemn the hunt.

    This hunt is absolutely necessary to de-infest populated areas of bears planted by the perverts at Fish & Wildlife. The hunters are welcome where I live. Children are more important that a few rogue bears.

  19. Your children’s worse problem is that their momma bear or daddy bear (whichever you are) has a problem with reading comprehension. The story was about hunters putting everybody in danger with a planted bear, so as to insure a hunt. — but thanks for the comment — it was interesting in a dumb kind of way. By the way, bear hunters accidentally shoot a lot of kids each year.

  20. While your ad hominems say more about you than me, your “new evidence” is not evidence at all – it’s pure speculation by self-professed “experts” who seem to know nothing about the habits and abilities of bears which have become accustomed to the suburban environment. Uhh, bears don’t know that they’re not supposed to cross major highways – they just do it.

  21. One more time — and let’s work on that reading comprehension again. Since you seem to know nothing about the area of New Jersey in question despite the fact that you live only 20 miles north as the crow flies — the bear was not PREVENTED from crossing the highways, BUT had he crossed the 5 highways in that area, he WOULD HAVE BEEN SEEN! He was never before seen. The day he was shot was the day he was seen. That is not possible in the area where the bear was first reported. Now, either you learn to read or I will block you from posting anything.

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