Guava Juice makes anxiety and panic worse.

It has been theroized that eating guava fruit eases anxiety and panic disorder, but if you plan to go this route, do not drink guava juice because it only makes the problem worse.

“The guava is boiled down for the bottling and/or canning process,”  says Dr. Michael Jones a psychiatrist working in the USA.  “Almost all guava juice you buy in the store is 40% guava and 60% pear juice.   Manufacturers use pear juice because it does not alter significantly the taste of the guava.  The trouble is that pear juice is a bit stimulating — something that does not in any way help people who suffer from panic or anxisty disorders.  Also, the chemicals responsible for easing nervousness that are believed to b e contained in the actual guava fruit get lost in the heating and bottling of the juice.

“I urge people who ask me to only eat raw guava fruit and to steer clear of the juice unless you can find a product that is 100% guava juice and is in the refrigerated section because it is fresh squeezed and perishable.  The odds of finding that are next to nothing because the only markets that carry such a product are fresh juice stands, and stores in the South Pacific and Caribbean.

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