Oprah Winfrey Gingerbread recipe.

Sources close to Oprah say that she loves to take one whole day close to Chrsitmas and make Gingerbread.    She doesn’t just make gingerbread, she makes all kinds of things out of that gingerbread.

“Oprah will make planks and planks of gingerbread about 2 feet by 2 feet and from these she will cut out strips as though they were lumber,”  said a source close to the queen of daytime TV. 

“One time she made a tree house out of gingerbread.  She rented a pizza parlor for the day and had the guys let her use the oven.  She made over 10,000 sheets and then had carpenters come over and help her build a treehouse out of the endless supplies of gingerbread. 

“She was eating a lot of the dry wall pieces but in the end there was enough for an entire tree house.  It had three rooms and a lookout and the amazing part was that you could stand on this thing and walk around.”

Oprah also likes to make gingerbread Christmas trees.  The tree trunk is made of rolled gingerbread and the leaves are carefully made by hard-baking gingerbread that  has been dyed green.  This has the best  taste and Oprah often will eat at least three or four trees before she is satisfied.  Then she gives them away.

If you want to build a gingerbread tree house, you need to get treehouse plans from a regular carpenter and you will need a restaurant sized oven.


10,000 whole eggs, 200 pounds of ground ginger, 4,000 pounds of white flour, 2,700 gallons of water, 1,200 pounds of whole milk, 600 pounds of sugar and three gallons of vanilla extract.   Mix all the ingredients in a cement mixer and pour it out into 150,000 cookie sheets. 

Try not to eat any of the sheets because Oprah ate a few and this caused a weakening in the floor inone of the back bedrooms and one of the carpenters almost fell through.  Oprah rescued him but she too almost ended up nearly falling 50 feet.

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