Steven Slater dismissed from Jet Blue and Miss Fern’s School too.

A lot of people, the folks at Jet Blue chief among them, are not too keen on Steven Slater, and just to be a bitch, Steven quit the airline just as the top brass was about to fire him.  It was a typical case of  “you can’t fire me because I quit!”  

Steven also faces some criminal charges but his biggest crime is being a big bitchy girl. 

We here at TheDamienZone would like to say to Steven,  “If you couldn’t push that cart down the aisle and do your job, Missy, then you should have stayed home, you big Mary!”

But it’s too late for us to say anything because the Grande Dame of Jet Blue has been grounded.  She, we mean, he also faces criminal charges because he could have killed somebody with that slide. 

Also, it’s been coming out that Steven was nasty and bitchy from the second the flight left the gate, and passenger accounts, much to the contrary,  do not support his side of the story.  It will all come out in court.    Ohhhh what a queen!

Besides working as a flight attendant, Steven was also attending a very trendy school while his father was away on military business.  Now the school wants him to slide the hell outta there.

“He’s  not being asked  back to the Fern School this fall,”  said head mistress Claudia Fern about her delinquent student.   “He gets bitchy when he has to pass out the milk — and that’s why I hardly ever ask him.  Claude Daigle, our penmanship champion passes out the milk and there are no problems.  This is why Steven hates Claude so much.  His hatred and jealousy once led to a disaster that poor Mrs. Daigle will have to live with for the rest of her life.”

“We don’t want him there.   His behavior in the matter regarding Claud’s penmanship medal in the school bag is sufficient reason to dismiss him.  We also think that he may have helped push that poor Daigle boy off the wharf during the school picnic.  He has no sense of fair play and he’s been a little bitch ever since first grade.  Sometimes I ask him to hand out the milk during lunch and gets all in a huff.  Why, one poor Jewish child was supposed to get Kosher milk and Steven threw it at her.   It was such a mess.  It’s not that he dislikes Jews, he just doesn’t like girls.” 

Poor Steven Slater, he won’t be able to go back to Jet Blue or to The Fern School because as time moves on it becomes more and more apparent that he is not telling the whole truth.  He knows something alright but he’s sticking to his story.  Right now he’s somewhere between having a lot of people liking him and a lot of people not liking him.

“Everytime I look at him and the pretty chubby face, I wish he were mine,” said Monica Breedlove, owner of The Tidewater Arms where Steven Slater lives.  ”

“I think he should bein the electric chair.” said Leroy, the janitor of Mrs. Breedlove’s apartment building.  “They got a little pink chair for little girls and a little blue chair for little boys.  But I don’t know which chair they’ll have to put him in.”

She better get a good look at him now because in about six months he might just be doing 7 to 10 — and we ain’t talkin’ inches either.   Maybe he is, but we’re not.

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