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He no longer sings — he talks.  He is ugly and always was but now on top of just being ugly, he is 85 years old — wears an atrocious wig — has had tons of plastic surgery — smells like Barbasol and Pinaud and Wilderooter from the barber shop — AND — he thinks that Americans are the real terrorists.   “Are we the terrorists or are they the terrorists?” “They flew the plane in, but we caused it. Because we […]

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Is Chaz Bono Really A Man? Doctor says “NO!”


“Chaz Bono is not really a man– not for a second.   She has the genetic makeup of a woman and in reality she’s just a mutilated woman who takes hormones.  If you gave male hormones to the Raquel Welch she would grow a beard and get chunky and manly — there is nothing in nature that makes Chaz Bono an actual man.  It’s just an illusion.”  [Dr. Sheldon Hartunis MD, Chief of Gyencological Gentics, University of Antigua, UK.  Chaz Bono […]

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Tony Bennett Is A Senile Asshole — He Says “U.S.A Caused 9-11”


“I am not buying his new record because what he said was a disgrace.  I will never again buy anything that Tony Bennett does.  He’ll be dead soon anyway.  What is he..,like ninety or something?”  [Dean Traherne, 72, Palma Vista, Florida.] “Tony Bennett may have left his heart in San Francisco, but it now he’s left part of his brain in the garbage.  The poor old guy is senile and the glue from his many wigs has dug deep into […]

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2011 List of Emmy Winners. (Yawn)

The Emmy’s are so boring and every show sucks anyway — but here is a list of the uninspired and untalented who won an Emmy last night.   Kathy Griffin is so unfunny and so annoying and so “the same joke” that I stopped watching after 10 minutes.  Modern Family is very popular because American Society is getting dumber and dumber and dumber.    Anyway…the list. Outstanding comedy series: Modern Family Outstanding drama series: Mad Men Outstanding miniseries or movie: Downton Abbey Outstanding lead actress, […]

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Dr. Oz Apple Juice Bullshit. Is Dr. Oz A Fraud or a Hoax?


“Alternative medicine is another way of saying bullshit medicine.  It’s a way to get gullible people to give you money when they are not sick and a way to get them to give you even more money when they are deathly sick.  Dr. Oz threw his Hippocratic oath into the wind when he started going on TV to turn a buck — he is — how you say in English —  an asshole.” [David D. Mattia writing for The Damien […]

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Willow — Missing Colorado Cat Found 5 Years Later In New York City.


“I am not one to judge an animal, but her time in New york has turned poor Willow into a nasty street-fighting lesbian and a left wing Deomcrat acitivist.  I hope her family wants her back.  Her same sex lover is a dope addict that she met in an alley and the lesbian cat gay couple are expecting kittens any day.  It’s actually a bittersweet kind of serendipity — and a mess.” [Sheldon Hartunis DVM and Cat Finding Expert] A furry […]

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Lorraine Bracco — Plastic Surgery! She is the wounded warrior!

lorraine brac

Lorraine Bracco, bless her heart, is doing her part by hosting fundraiser ads on TV for The Wounded Warrior Project — but she herself looks like a different type of wounded warrior — too much plastic surgery. She does not even look like the actress who treated Tony Soprano for psychiatric illness.  Wow — she looks like Patti Stanger now — wow — didn’t even recognize her.    I thought is was Melanie Griffith or even Kathy Griffin — or Merv […]

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TCM’s Robert Osborne Issues Public Statement On Facebook.

robert os

After months of rumors and conjecture, Turner Classic Movie’s Robert Osborne has issued a personal statement on Facebook.   Sounds like Mr. Osborne is doing just fine.    Below is what Mr. Osborne posted today on Facebook via TCM’s Facebook page. A message from ROBERT OSBORNE to the TCM community: “I want to thank everyone for the great messages you have sent while I’ve been on my summertime break from TCM. I’ve been having a wonderfully restful vacation and I do look […]

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