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Mark Zuckerberg Kills Helpless Animals With A Knife.


Recently, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg stated that he would no longer eat any meat unless he killed the animal himself.  So now, the stiff no-personality and socially awkward new face of Satan hasdone got himself a huntin’ license — YEE-HAW– and it seems that he recently brought down a bison.  During last week’s F8 (pronounced “fate”), which is Facebook’s annual summit, Zuckerberg showed off his Facebook page with an update about cooking bison burgers. That got people thinking: ‘Did the Facebook mogul actually […]

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Joshua Fattal and Shane Bauer — Two Misfit Assholes!


Joshua Fattal and Shane Bauer, the two adventuring New Yawkuhs who got themselves holed up in Iran for two years because they are, in my opinion,  attention-starved losers and child-minded douche-bags, are the perhaps the two biggest assholes on the earth at the present time.   The dopey dippy girl, Sarah something or other, who was also with them,  was released one year earlier because the Iranians  got tired of her whining voice.    The other two aforementioned nebbishes say that they were wandering around the peaceful regions of […]

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Heather Locklear — Plastic Surgery Birthday — Really 60-years-old?


Hollywood tabloid rags are running around talking about how young Heather Locklear looks for her age because today is her birthday — but she is not 50 like all the tabloids and websites claim — she is actually 60-years-old and she used to be a huncback in an orphanage. “Heather is 60 years old today because we were both borned (sic) in the same orphanage in Mustique, Alabama,” said Harlean Carp-Running Coon who now lives in Ruggles, New Mexico with her elderly foster mother on an […]

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Status Update: Facebook Charge is a HOAX!!!! You Do Not Have To Pay For Facebook!


Most people are incredibly stupid — here is an example of how gullible and stupid people can be.  This is a Facebook status update that is going around. IT IS OFFICIAL. IT WAS EVEN ON THE NEWS. FACEBOOK WILL START CHARGING DUE TO THE NEW PROFILE CHANGES. IF YOU COPY THIS ON YOUR WALL YOUR ICON WILL TURN BLUE AND FACEBOOK WILL BE FREE FOR YOU. PLEASE PASS THIS MESSAGE ON, IF NOT YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE DELETED IF YOU […]

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Will Satellite Hit New Jersey? Nasa Warns Film Crew!


Satillite debris is hurling towards the New Jersey coast, and some experts fear that the bus-sized chunk of space debris will hit the beach in Seaside Heights where MTV films the popular show, “Jersey Shore.”  The towns are safe but the beach is in possible danger.  Even though the beaches are empty now that summer is over, there is a big movie being filmed on the beach and that’s where things get worrisome. The odds of anyone getting hurt on the set […]

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Alligator Tries to Eat 90-Year-old Florida Woman.


An 8-foot-long alligator sank its teeth into a 90-year-old woman’s leg and tried to drag her into a canal in southern Florida, a spokesman for the Florida Center For Reptilian Understanding . “The Alligator was trying to take off the old woman’s leg and drag her underwater too,” said alligator expert and conservationist Dr. Benjamin Switchy of the Florida Center For Reptilian Understanding. “She’s an old lady but she had some fight to her.  I think it was all the alchohol in her […]

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He no longer sings — he talks.  He is ugly and always was but now on top of just being ugly, he is 85 years old — wears an atrocious wig — has had tons of plastic surgery — smells like Barbasol and Pinaud and Wilderooter from the barber shop — AND — he thinks that Americans are the real terrorists.   “Are we the terrorists or are they the terrorists?” “They flew the plane in, but we caused it. Because we […]

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Is Chaz Bono Really A Man? Doctor says “NO!”


“Chaz Bono is not really a man– not for a second.   She has the genetic makeup of a woman and in reality she’s just a mutilated woman who takes hormones.  If you gave male hormones to the Raquel Welch she would grow a beard and get chunky and manly — there is nothing in nature that makes Chaz Bono an actual man.  It’s just an illusion.”  [Dr. Sheldon Hartunis MD, Chief of Gyencological Gentics, University of Antigua, UK.  Chaz Bono […]

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