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MemoryLane.com is a rip off.

Too good to be true — all the stuff you want to see from your past — yearbooks, photos, newspapers, videos — and you gotta pay!   Of course you don’t find out until you’re thumbing through the third page of your high school yearbook and then you have to stop!   RIP OFF!!!!!  COMMERCIAL IS A BAIT AND SWITCH! The commercial never mentions anything — it’s a rip-off just like the high school sites Classmates.com. Here’s what I say — now

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Ralph Macchio: Marv Albert says he is the father. Hairpiece Proves it!

It was announced today in Manhattan Federal Court that famous sportscaster Marv Albert has filed a petition with the court wherein he proves that he is the real father of Karate Kid actor Ralph Macchio.  “I stood back long enough and watched my son grow up to be a famous man and when I was down I would have done anything to have him around,” said Albert from his chair at Flavio’s Micro Derma Blend Hair Restoration and Weave Center in lower

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UGlu Infomercial junk — rip off — scam — does not work.

  UGlu, the clear tape that says it can bond anything to anything, is a rip-off like just about everything you can buy off of infomercials.  The letter below was submitted to Rip-Off reports by some irate guy, and it pretty much sums up what happens when you try to buy infomerial junk.  The letter, however, leaves out the ultimate rip-off — Uglu doed not work — it doesn’t hold anything to anything.  Save your money.  If you don’t believe me, buy

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Eagle Ray Jumps Woman’s Bones.

The Hausch family will have one heck of a fish story to tell when they return home to Illinois. And they’ve got the photos to prove it.  Jenny Hausch of Crystal Lake narrowly escaped injury when a spotted eagle ray leapt from the water and slammed into her chest near Islamorada in a heart-pumping close encounter with Florida Keys wildlife Friday afternoon.  Hausch, her husband, David, and their three children — Jake, 11; Ben, 10; and Delaney, 6 — were

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Kirstie Alley: Short of breath on Dancing With The Stars.

“It was worrisome to watch Dancing With The Stars competitor Kirstie Alley take so long to get her breath back after a rather easy dance routine.” said a Dr. Sheldon Hartunis, a Beverly Hills Sports Medical doctor.  She might be too old to be doing this and carrying all that weight too.” “Kirstie was still very breathless after nearly three minutes of rest following her dance routine and I am inclined to believe that she may not be physically fit for

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TONIGHT! Dancing with the Ralph Macchio Hairpiece!

Don’t forget to watch Dancing With The Stars tonight.  You wouldn’t want to miss Ralph Macchio’s hairpiece fly off, would you? “It’s definitely going to fly off,” said a source close to the Hair Dimensions and Extensions Factory in Queens, NY, USA.  “Ralph is not wearing his toupee properly and tonight the Karate Kid better be careful.  The hot lights will melt the glue and then all it will take will be a spin or a dip and off it

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Jon Bon Jovi — New Jersey property tax scammer?

Jersey Rocker Jon Bon Jovi says he loves New Jersey, but why does he rip off the taxpayers by living in a mansion in a very high property tax New Jersey neighborhood and only pay $200 a year for property tax?  His neighbors with less property and much smaller homes pay close to $50,000 per year.  Well, the buzz is all about bees and loopholes and just plain old being a scum bag! This guy is one of Jon Bon

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Celebrity Deaths Come In Three – Zsa Zsa fears she is the third.

It is mathematically noted that celebrity deaths happen in threes, and now with the death of Geraldine Ferraro and Elizabeth Taylor, ailing Zsa Zsa Gabor fears that she will be the third celebrity to die and fulfill the triad.Zsa Zsa has been living in a state of near-death for nearly a year and she wants to continue to do so as long as it gets her and her husband some publicity.  Her husband, Prince Ferederic VonAnahlt is milking this for

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