UGlu Infomercial junk — rip off — scam — does not work.

 UGlu, the clear tape that says it can bond anything to anything, is a rip-off like just about everything you can buy off of infomercials.  The letter below was submitted to Rip-Off reports by some irate guy, and it pretty much sums up what happens when you try to buy infomerial junk.  The letter, however, leaves out the ultimate rip-off — Uglu doed not work — it doesn’t hold anything to anything.  Save your money.  If you don’t believe me, buy it at the “As Seen On TV” section of your local whatever and see for yourself.    Okay — now read the letter. 
I placed an order for UGlu on their website.  I should have realized there was something fishy when they REQUIRED my credit card on the first page. Then I noticed the total!  This item, advertised at $10 plus S/H, had increased in price to $51.94!!!!!!!  It’s hard to yell with numbers so THAT WAS FIFTY ONE DOLLARS AND NINETY FOUR CENTS!!!  The receipt is not itemized, so I have no clue what drove my prices up so high, but THAT IS RIDICULOUS! 

I called to cancel the order the next day.  The guy on the phone was very abrupt and sounded like he was simply furious with me for canceling the order!  I told him I would consider just buying the advertised $10 item with a single shipping charge and I didn’t want to double my order for “free” because it’s not really free.  He actually laughed at me!  I’ve never been a violent kinda guy, but this guy needed a thunk!  He told me the price of the UGlue package, with the “free” doubled order, after S/H, was $23.98.  Then he told me that, if I didn’t want to double my order for “free”, the shipping was actually $13.98!!!!!!  That equals a BLATANT LIE AND FALSE ADVERTISING! 

I told him to cancel my order completely and he told me my refund could take FOUR TO SIX WEEKS!  I asked why it took so long and he told me it takes that long for the bank

to process the refund.  This is total BULL!  At the most, a week. 
Long story, I know, but I want everyone who reads this to understand I am not a wacky customer, nor am I unreasonable.  I just wanted what they advertised.  I just wanted them to provide the most basic of courtesies the vast majority of other online retailers offer.  Be warned.  I wouldn’t buy this stuff now if it came with a car!

The commercial pitched the UGlue package for $10 plus S/H.  They would double my order for “free” if I just paid extra shipping and handling.  I decided I wanted the “free” double, as I figured I was going to pay for it anyway, so I gave them my CC #, against my better judgment, and continued with my order.  The next screen was offering a special promotion called the “deluxe package” for $10 plus $4 S/H.  It didn’t say this was an EXTRA charge, just a charge.  I figured if it was extra, I would just remove it when the time came to confirm my order, so I didn’t think much of it.  The next 3 pages were further “special offers”, 2 of them not even remotely related to UGlu!  I was getting more and more uneasy about this.

When I clicked “no” on the last “special offer“, the next screen pops up with my order listed on it.  It took me a moment to realize, this isn’t a “confirming your order” kind of screen!  This is a “Here is your receipt” kind of page!  OMG!  There is no way this is legal!   (actually, I checked.  It is legal, but frowned on by pretty much everyone)  Ok, at this point, I was really upset with their business practices

, but not furious…….yet.

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