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Iggy Pop is essentially dead.

Iggy Pop is ageless and not sixty-four as American Idol press releases would have you believe.    This oversight about Iggy Pop’s age occured  because the former galm rocker is actually dead and has been for nearly seventeen years.  You don’t age when you are dead — at least according to doctors and morticians who have examined his corpse. “Iggy died a long time ago,” said a source close to the former no-talent British dope addict.  “He keeled over at a bar in

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Will Smith Likes Trannys.

Action movie star Will Smith is at home in front of the camera and he is one of Hollywood’s most macho stars, but he has a hidden secret.  He likes trannys.  <————Here is a picture of Will Smith screwing a tranny. “Will has been messing with trannys since he was old enough to understand how their parts work,” said Joe Tarmenian, an Armenian who owns and operates Joe Tarmenian’s Armenian Car-menia and Transmission and Drive Train Repair Mania in Van Nuys,

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Matt Lauer Will Replace Glenn Beck on Fox News.

“I always knew that Matt was a right-winger,” said Katie Couric from her CBS dressing room that was being towed away to Wendy Williams’ house. “It was only a matter of time before Fox News dragged him away from us.  I have eaten Matt’s flesh because George Soros asked me too.  That was supposed to suppress his desires to go to Fox, but now that I got the axe they can go screw themselves.  Let him go.  I might even vote

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Snooki donates her $32,000 Rutgers Paycheck to her New Charity.

Everyone was in an uproar because Snooki got paid more for speaking at Rutgers than  Toni Morrison who is a poet or something, but Snooki, now an honorary Doctor Of Letters has announced that she will donate her $32,000 speaking fee to further advance the study of the Jersey Devil in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. “I guess I could keep the money and spend it on clothes but I think the Jersey Devil needs a helping hand, ” said

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Glenn Beck Replacement will be Michael Savage?

It was announced earlier today that Three’s Company costar, Joyce DeWitt, will team up with Al Sharpton to create The DeWitt-Sharpton Report; a one-hour news and commentary show that will replace out-going Glenn Beck, http://thedamienzone.com/2011/04/06/glenn-beck-fired-his-new-replacement-will-be/but wait — hold the presses — this press release may have been premature. <——Michael Savage. Rupert Murdock may have had a change of mind and now he is in feverish negotiations with controversial radio host Michael Savage.  Savage is already way better than anybody on

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Glenn Beck Fired. His New Replacement Will Be….

Glenn Beck is out and Al Sharpton and Joyce DeWitt are in!  Fox and Glenn Beck have come to a parting of the ways and a press release was issued wherein the Fox News Executives announced that Glenn Beck’s show — the one with all the blackboards and diagrams — will be shut off.  Fox will air a new show in its place and this one will be hosted by Al Sharpton and former Three’s Company star Joyce DeWitt.  “A

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Writers wanted for TheDamienZone. Do you have what it takes?

I am getting really tired of having to come up with all these stories and photo-shopped photos  every day.  It’s a lot of work and my fingers hurt.  I have decided to open up the TheDamienZone to outside writers and see how that works.  If you think you’re funny or trendy or edgy or in touch,  and you would like to write for an internationally famous and semi-satirical blog, why don’t you submit some stuff and I’ll put it up on  TheDamienZone.com.  If

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Italy has a Muslim Problem — America Will Soon Have The Same Thing.

Below I pasted an intelligent letter written by a yahoo subscriber.  IN the letter he addresses the problems faced by Italy and Italians now that a lot of Tunisians and other Muslims are trying to get to Italy.  READ IT! To the commentator who wrote, “There has always been a close relationship between the Sicilians and the Tunisians”, As an American who lives in Sicily (legally, with a stay permit and after having been fingerprinted numerous times, having had to

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