Hiccup Girl is a MURDERER!

First she had hiccups for months and months and that captured national attention — then she helped kill somebody in an armed robbery — and now she’s blaming it on the hiccups. 

This girl is white trash and she participated in a robbery where somebody was killed — fuck her — lock her up for life and make her stand on her head drinking water for the rest of her life.

“While she was having hiccups she started to kill,” said an expert in hiccups and burping at Mount Sinai Hospital in Long Valley, New Jersey USA.  “Once you start hiccupping, you start killing, and if you are southern white trash, you also rob, hiccup, rob, hiccup and murder.   It’s a natural pattern from eating the alligator meat you get from Swamp People.”

She says she didn’t pull the trigger but in Florida — which by the way is extreme white trash once you get out o fthe big towns — you are as guilty as the guy or gal who pulled the trigger.

And you wonder where Maury Povich and Jerry Springer get their guests?

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