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Robert Osborne Is Back! What did you think? Leave a comment please.

Good old Bob Osborne is back — he looked fine except his new flippy hairstyle was a little weird.  Reminded me of Criswell from the movie “Ed Wood.”

Tell me what you think — please leave a comment.  It might take a little while for your comment to appear but it will appear — fret not.

Here are some newer photos of Robert Osbourne since his return.  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3834680/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1


  1. Glad he’s back. I missed him! He adds a certain flair (maybe it’s the hair) to the show that no one else can match.

  2. I don’t like Robert Osborne’s new hair style. He needs to go back to looking like he did earlier. A fluffy, teased look that give him volume. (No curls or whatever) Other than that, he looks very good. Welcome back, Bob!!!! We missed you.

  3. I think Osbourne looks older and drawn and I wondered if he had been ill. I have since read that he has been away from TCM for surgery. He is still good at what he does, just seems a little tired.

  4. I was very sad to learn that Robert Osborne passed away yesterday. I am a movie buff and I’ve always looked forward to watching TCM and listening to Mr. Osborne and his team talk about the movie stars of the golden age of Hollywood, their performances and their pictures. Mr. Osborne was so knowledgeable and so charming with an easy manner that you felt like he was speaking to you individually. You felt like he was sitting in your living room with you discussing his love of movies and his interesting anecdotes about his favorite performances. I have always escaped into the movies and just losing myself to one great performance after the other. Mr. Osborne was a class act. He was Hollywood personified. He seemed gentle and kind and had a beautiful and adoring face. He was warm and witty and so very knowledgeable. I will miss him. Mr. Osborne, rest in peace and THANK YOU!!!?

  5. Sorry I didn’t mean to put a question mark at the end of my comments. That was a typo.


    Corinne J. Wagner

  6. Sorry I didn’t mean to put a question mark at the end of my comments. That was a typo.


    Corinne J. Wagner

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