Jon Bon Jovi — New Jersey property tax scammer?

Jersey Rocker Jon Bon Jovi says he loves New Jersey, but why does he rip off the taxpayers by living in a mansion in a very high property tax New Jersey neighborhood and only pay $200 a year for property tax?  His neighbors with less property and much smaller homes pay close to $50,000 per year.  Well, the buzz is all about bees and loopholes and just plain old being a scum bag!

Jon Bon Jovi has found a legal loophole and he uses this to scam his fellow New Jerseyans whom he loves so much — he raises honey bees on his property and writes off the place as a farm.  This is not a joke, folks.   Jon Bon Jovi raises bees and gets away without paying a whole lotta tax — next to none actually.

“Jon is a big fake and he always has been,” says a childhood friend who has known Jon since they were kids growing up in the middle class town of Sayreville.

“He used to talk about digging his way out of Sayreville like it was some kind of depressed coal mining town or something.  He was trying to portray some kind of image – and he’s full of shit.  Sayreville is a perfectly normal town.  There’s nothing beaten down or hard-up about our town.  It’s actually a very nice town but the phoniness of Jon started when he talked about how he had to work to get out of this one horse town or whatever the hell he called it.  He’s always been full of shit and full of himself.  Nobody is surprised that he would rather raise bees as a front to avoid taxes that would be like piss in the ocean to him.  He’s a scum bag.”

Well — I couldn’t have said it better myself, and while there is nothing illegal about the honey bee thing, it’s still scummy and low-down.

Seems Jon has one house in Middletown, NJ on the fabulous Navesink River and he pays taxes on that, but he bought the 6.5 acres next door to him to keep anyone from building there, and to avoid the tax bill for that property and the home on it, Jon Bon Jovi raises bees for honey on that property — it’s a typical New Jersey scam.  There is also another fabulous house on the 6.5 acre bee farm that is used for unknown reasons.  

“John must need the money to pay for all his plastic surgery and to make up for his failed film career — you know — the one where he has no talent,” continued the anonymous source.  “He also has no talent as a musician either but the tail-gater type people in New Jersey go for him because they’re fucking retarded.”

Anyway, no matter how you look at it, a loophole isn’t really a loophole if it’s legal, but we just think that this honey of a deal is a little skanky and typical of the kinds of opportunities afforded to the wealthy because they have the means to  navigate around these tax laws.  It’s quite certain that John paid a lawyer and an accountant more to figure this out than an average person earns in a year — and therein lies the annoyance. 

 Jon LOVES  New Jersey — the place out of which he had to climb as though he were Orpheus — what a crock!