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“Tea Party Jesus” — Katla McGlynn hates Jesus — okay. Maybe if she was pretty she wouldn’t be so unhappy.

Don't try this with that Muslim guy -- I'm not even sure of you can say his name.

Former conservative but failed pundit, Arianna Huffington is a carpet-bagging imposter, and her minion, Katla McGlynn is a a self-loathing trouble maker.

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Australia’s Ousted Prime MinisterJulia Gillard – Atheist – A dingo ate my deity!

Australia’s former Prime Minister — and douche bag– was an Atheist — who gives a shit!  Here’s a pic I made when she became the Primie Minister.

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There is no ART WORLD — it’s a big hoax.

Jasper John’s plain old painting of an American flag fetched $25 million this week. Seriously, any child with masking tape and a star stencil from a dollar store could have painted it.  Same goes for Andy Warhol — all junk — but if you called it that in 1974 you would be a social outcast and you wouldn’t be able to hang out with Liza Minnelli.  Darn! The art world is faker than the stock market. The dealers who sell this

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And They’re OFF! To The Slaughterhouse!

“Casinos like to kill people’s dreams and credit scores, not their horses.” [ D.  Mattia  <– Racehorse trainer and TV writer. ] You can forget about global warming and climate change and baby seals for a few moments and dedicate your time to reading about the annoyances of horse racing. They call it “The Sport Of Kings” when in fact it should be called the sport of mindless carnival people who have somehow managed to sneak into polite society whilst breeding the best

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What is Voodoo? Should I be afraid of Voodoo?

PICTURED:  Saint-Claire-Ayizan, an example of a Voodoo Lwa or Loa.  She is believed to be spiritually present only at Voodoo initiation rituals and rarely makes herself available for anything else.  She is rather aloof.   Good for her. You know what gets a bad rap? Haitian Voodoo — and that’s not fair. Voodoo, in it’s true form, is a complex combo of Roman Catholic and ancient African tribal beliefs. It is an interesting religion and a rather  sensible one too. Voodoo

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Gabourey Sidibe: The Sanctimony of Hollywood’s Anorexic Tears.

“Every phony who had a microphone took a moment to patronize Sidibe solely because she is black and enormously fat. Sorry but that is the sad truth.  Another sad truth is that Hollywood treats black people like cute little pets and not as human beings.  I am sure that Miss Sidibe is an inwardly beautiful and talented person, but she is dangerously overweight from carrying both a lot of her own fat and the weight of all the false praise Hollywood has heaped upon her back.” [David

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Corey Haim: Pale Death is a failed actor.

Corey Haim wasn’t bothering anyone that I know of, and according to his mother he hadn’t been feeling well lately. And didn’t that very same thing just happen to Brittany Murphy, another one of those quasi-kid actors? For heaven’s sake, one day she’s not feeling well so she decides to take a shower, and then drops dead faster than you can say, “Anna Nicole Smith and her son are both dead?” Marie Osmond’s kid, in spite of the fact that

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Hello from Damien!

Stay tuned world! My eloquence is just around the corner.

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