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“Tea Party Jesus” — Katla McGlynn hates Jesus — okay. Maybe if she was pretty she wouldn’t be so unhappy.

Don't try this with that Muslim guy -- I'm not even sure of you can say his name.


Just more disrespectful exploitation of Christian images — something that Huffington would never have the courage to do with any other iconic imagery.
This piece tries to play like it’s too hip for the room, but any malcontented teenager could have done it — which is kind of what it looks like. .
Our beef with Huffington Post is that Arianna Huffington is an impostor. She was an extremely conservative political pundit for Fox News until her ratings slipped and she decided she could make more money playing the part of a liberal.
She married an openly  gay American (not Jim McGreevey) so she could get out of Greece and become an American citizen.  Everything about her spells IMPOSTOR!
The blogger in her employ who put up the piece, Katla McGlynn, is a broken record. Probably hates everything including Jesus and herself.
Wouldn’t it be fun if they tried this with Muslim images — oh wait, they don’t have any — or none you can use without getting your head cut off.

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