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@NancySinatra says “RISE UP” Now 5 #Policemen are dead.

Nancy Sinatra Calls for citizens to rise up (against police) ???
Hollywood’s oldest has-been-who-never-was NANCY SINATRA, who looks more leathery than her old go-go boots, is not only a political moron and an overall no-talent jackass, she is also a trouble-maker who seems to be inciting riots and civil unrest via her Twitter account.  nancy
In the matter of Alton Sterling,   Nancy has told her followers – and Americans in general – to “rise up”  — Rise up against whom?  I think she means that people should rise up against the police of the USA.    Now, it looks like there might be some rioting.  It’s starting out as “peaceful protests” but you know where things like this usually go.nancysin
Granted, this would have happened anyway, and most of Nancy Sinatra’s fans are on life support and hardly capable of taking to the streets without their Pride Jazzy scooters, but where does this old sack of shit – this nothing who is only famous BECAUSE HER FATHER WAS FRANK SINATRA — come off asking for people to RISE UP.   What if they rise up and burn down a store or kill an innocent bystander, you stupid old hag?    They can’t get near your house because you’re armed and you have a wall around your gaudy and tacky home.  It’s easy for you to say RISE UP because none of the RISING UP will happen anywhere near your mansion where you live with your father’s money.  I don’t count any money you made because without Frank Sinatra as a father, you would be a PIZZA WAITRESS — didn’t a really famous writer once call you that and then had to answer to your father’s goons?  
Alton Sterling, a 37-year-old man, was shot by a Baton Rouge police officer several times after he was pinned down to the ground by two officers, who arrived in response to a report that Sterling threatened a person with a gun, while selling CDs outside a convenience store. A firearm, reportedly possessed by Sterling at the time of the incident, was recovered from the scene of the shooting. This led to protests in Baton Rouge – and a Tweet from Nancy Sinatra to RISE UP.   Now the streets of Baton Rouge are filling with angry protesters.
Shut up Nancy Sinatra and go F**K YOURSELF.  You have no career.
  1. First thing she says is “are you paying attention?”.

    Nope. Nobody is.


    Old bag.

  2. What an ass kisser. Typical white ass kisser. These are the whites ruining Amerca. They want to belong to something and are scared so this is what they do. Whites have the tendency to agree with things even when they know deep down that it’s not right. They aren’t allowed to have an opinion anymore so as the old saying goes “Can’t beat em then join em”. Pathetic that lawbreakers and lazy people are now applauded.

  3. She is probably just looking to be relevant – good luck. So she sucks up to the nuts who live in that entertainment world – they love this kind of garbage. She would probably have better luck joining scientology if she wants a career. On an exciting note – she (per her website) is up for the New Jersey Hall of Fame – what an honor.

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